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Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

No, I speak from actual business experience. Go run one for yourself sometime and you'll understand.

So you're telling me that PC hardware manufacturers don't pass on the cost of returns and things in the pricing of their items? The fact of the matter is the cost I paid for any other person returning their Xbox is negligble at best and in fact I paid less than the early adopters.

It's the Cell Architecture - go look at the damned SDKs.

No, the Xenon is a modified version of the SPEs that the Cell processor also happens to use because they are both PPC processors, but the Xenon is not a Cell processor as they have a different architecture. If the 360 had a Cell processor, than why was Sony touting that the PS3 was better because of it's use of the Cell? That makes absolutely no sense.

You're arguing 360 vs PC - you stick with your 360 and quit diverting by mentioning other hardware you own - it's YOUR 360 vs MY PC.

No, that's not what I've been arguing at all. I was arguing against the claim that console gaming was more expensive than PC gaming which is what the person I first responded to was trying to claim. I on the other hand was showing that this wasn't the case. It had nothing to do with whether PCs or consoles was superior to one another. That was some bizarre nonsense you interjected.

Your main argument, way up there, was pretty much hinting at entertainment value.

No, it wasn't. You bringing in Netflix or something else had nothing at all to do with any of my claims which were strictly on the price of console gaming (in this case the price of buying a 360) to the price of PC gaming (the price of buying a PC to run modern games).

Try beating a PC in the hands of someone that knows how to use it.

I do. All the time on my PC.

See above. Stick with your argument and quit detracting by mentioning other things.

Stick with what argument? That consoles are not more expensive than buying a PC to game? I've been sticking with that the whole time and have shown that they aren't more expensive.

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

Private servers.

Oh yes, what great fun to play on servers where there is rampant cheating and the runners of the server give away all sorts of powerful stuff to themselves and friends.

I don't pay for WoW (not that I'd even play it,)

Good for you. The whole point of bringing it up was to dispel the notion that you can play all PC games allow you to play online for free which is just false.

and there are tons of free MMOs out there that do not suck.

Doubtful. There may be 1 or 2 but I've played plenty most of the free MMOs you will see listed on a site like and they are overwhelmingly shit.

And Graphics do not make the game.

Never made the claim so I have no clue what this is a response to.

And Maietz: Gunz is not a Korean POS.

Did I ever say it was?

Do you even bother looking that deep into the gaming community or are you just a surface corporate player?

Do you think I care that you pretend to be some sort of badass because you try to act nonconformist?

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

LOL, I love these shifting goalposts every time your claim gets knocked down. BTW this still doesn't help your claim and actually only further confirms what I said. The cheapest cpu/mobo/memory combo for what you stated added on to the price of all the other components still has the total price of 440 dollars. Keep flopping around though, it's hilarious to watch. So what next? I need to price them at some super secret discount club that only you have access to?

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

No, the price you're going to have to pay later on for their next-gen system in order to recoup from the major losses this system has caused.

That's no price I've paid or will pay. You're just inventing stuff out of thin air now.

I can go pick up a part needed to fix my system in ten minutes or less and have it installed and running. Have fun waiting weeks for your replacement 360!

So in the meantime I'd just play on my PC and it won't really matter much.

The only incompatible games are the new ones being released on the PS2 (Persona 4, for instance) and usually the only reason for that incompatibility is the BIOS revision one uses.

No, there are plenty of old games with poor support if any. Check out the list at PCSX2 and you will see that they don't support even remotely close to all PS2 games and it's one of the better emulators.

See above.

It's a bullshit claim. Just going to the supported games list on an emulator site shows this.

By the time it works, the hardware required to run it will be cheaper than the system at initial launch. You don't think about time, do ya?

Or instead of having to wait years to get partial support, one can just buy a PS3 now and have been playing the games while you wait 5 years to get support for 1/4 of all PS3 games. Still a brilliant plan!

BZZT. Both use IBM's Cell-based hardware. Better go re-check who has investments in which console.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No they don't. The 360 uses a 3 core Xenon PowerPC processor. The Cell processor is different architecture. Way to make yourself look stupid.

Gamers care about entertainment value per dollar. I'm getting FAR more out of my second-hand or first-sourced stuff than you are with a next-gen console.

So in your opinion it's better. Yet millions of console players (or like me who play both PC and consoles) thoroughly enjoy having their console and it's games. You keep acting as if your own preferences are the preferences of every gamer.

You're just NOW getting stuff like Netflix and whatnot for your 360 - we've had it since it was out.

Huh? I don't get why you act like I have no PC. Just because I own a console doesn't mean I've never had a computer. I've been streaming movies from Netflix on my PC since it first started.

The PC gets all the fun stuff, consoles just try to play catch-up and lock you into their stuff.

That's great, but I also have 5 PCs so this claim that somehow I can never do anything that involves a PC is quite bizarre.

Your main argument, way up there, was pretty much hinting at entertainment value. Try beating a PC in the hands of someone that knows how to use it.

I have and do all the time. I've been doing PC gaming for 20+ years now. Just because I play console games doesn't exclude me from being able to play PC games. Again this makes for bizarre claims on your part.

You won't. Consoles are copying computers, nowdays. Might as well buy a computer!

I already own computers, multiples in fact, and have since some of the earliest PCs came out.

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

Go to Even NEWEGG advertises on Pricewatch, and they don't show up very often at all in my searches for the exact hardware I want.

Funny cause I did that and it doesn't help your case.

2.6ghz AM2 process: $52 9800GTX+ 512MB: $122 2 1 TB HDDs: $162 4 GB RAM: $36. 700 W PSU: $40

That's still a price of $412 all from the lowest prices on all those items at pricewatch. Including a motherboard makes it over 450 dollars. Sorry, but that didn't help your claim.

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

If we're going that route, let's start checking the failure rate of the 360 versus failure rate of PC parts, and let's do a comparative overhead cost.

You mean the overhead cost of having the thing paid to be shipped back to Microsoft to be fixed? You mean all of 0 dollars? Secondly, I have not had a single issue with my 360 in 3 years nor anyone else I know.

Oh, and for every game you pay to play online, the same PC version doesn't require such nonsense.

I already factored in the price of Xbox Live into the cost. You really seem to have poor reading comprehension. I'll quote myself:

Throw in 2 years of Xbox Live and it's still less than your purported system.

Xbox Live via subscription cards has will cost you around 35-45 dollars depending on where you buy them. Adding that to the cost of a used 360 with used HD and used controller is barely 320 bucks.

There's lots more to think about, we could keep this up all day. How about all that lost time waiting for your stuff to be repaired or replaced? There's the factor of convenience.

So you never have to wait for things to be repaired or replaced when you have a PC? That's an amusing claim.

All around, a PC is the way to go.

In your opinion. Others would disagree.

Hell, we're already working on emulating the PS3 and the 360

Yeah and it's going to take huge computing requirements to do so and you are never going to get remotely the same level of support for games that the consoles will provide. You still don't get full compatibility for all PS2 games on PC emulators and those have been out for ages.

and PS2 and XBOX emulation is nearly rock solid.

Sure for a fraction of all games. There are tons of PS2 games that have little or no compatibility.

PS3 Emulation won't really be possible without an 8 core machine and some killer programming, but it could be done.

So basically you spend more on the PC to emulate the PS3 than to just buy a PS3? Brilliant idea!

360 Emulation would require at least a quad-core, but since the 360 uses almost identical hardware that the PS3 uses emulating one should lead to emulating the other eventually, once the hardware itself is understood.

Actually not it won't. The hardware of the two systems is drastically different in many cases.

Give me a minute and let me reboot my computer into arcade mode so I can record you a video of something your 360 sure as hell can't do - let you program your own ultimate fighting game.

Because most gamers care about that? Oh wait, they don't.

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

So basically you're trying to compare the cost of a system built with reused and secondhand parts to a discussion with someone who was pricing out a brand new 360, brand new 360 hard drive, brand new WiFi accessory and brand new controller with recharger? Yeah those are totally analogous situations. Since they were pricing out everything as brand new to try to make a claim that the Xbox 360 is more expensive than PC gaming then it's only analogous to price out new PC parts. Using secondhand and reused parts as a way to lower the price on the PC while not doing the same by pricing out a used 360 and accessories is disingenuous at best. I suggest you actually read and comprehend the conversation that is going on before you just throw yourself into it with guns blazing.

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

So if we are going to play the game of secondhand parts I can get a 360 with controller, Hard drive and Wifi all used priced out for less than 250 dollars. Throw in 2 years of Xbox Live and it's still less than your purported system. So basically that makes the original poster's and your point even more moot.

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

Except you seem to be oblivious to the conversation that was going on. The person I was responding to was comparing the costs of a brand new Xbox and all other components involved were also the retail price of new components. You are talking about secondhand shit and pawnshops which isn't even remotely a comparable situation to the one we were talking about and one in which almost no consumer is going to also do. They are going to either go to a place like Newegg/FRYS, to an OEM like Dell or some local computer dealer who isn't going to get them a PC like you mentioned for only 350 dollars.

Comment Re:What I want to know is (Score 1) 180

No, he's right. Facebook and Twitter and the like are for attention-starved teens.

And yet a huge portion of people on Facebook are neither teens nor attention-starved.

As for MENSA, having a high IQ does not account for conscientiousness or lack thereof.

Okay. That has what to do with my statement?

For example, I bet at least one MENSA member is religious. That alone smashes the credibility of the organization.

Why? Mensa isn't an atheist organization. Being religious in no way means you can't have a high IQ.

And do they, in their infinite wisdom, realize that "mensa" is Spanish slang for "stupid female"?

They probably don't care since their use of mensa is based on the fact that it's a Latin word which means table (also the root of the spanish word mesa).

Comment Re:Funny how they don't mention their hidden taxes (Score 1) 993

And in case you want to see how I did it: AMD Athlon 64 LE-1640 Orleans 2.6GHz: $46
Rendition by Crucial 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667: $10 ($40 for 4GB)
HITACHI 0A38016 1TB: $85 ($170 for 2GB)
ZOTAC ZT-98PES3P-FCP GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB: $130
COOLMAX CTI-700B 700W: $55 Now that doesn't include case, DVD drive and motherboard but your price is already $441 and at least $500 with a motherboard. I bought a 360 Pro and with my 3 years of Xbox Live and having bought 1 extra controller I've barely spent $500. So any claims that a PC is cheaper than a 360 with Xbox Live is just false.

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