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Comment Re:Seems logical (Score 2) 104

The real problem is storing government and federal data outside the government and federal infrastructure. Why is that? All data should be stored encrypted, even if in a canadian cloud. But I still don't understand why the government need to store it in the cloud and not build its own cloud for this purpose. What are the advantages for the government to store it in the cloud instead of in-house?

In a word, cost. The government can't compete with the likes of AWS.

Comment Re: Using your advertised space != Abuse (Score 1) 330

I am fine with Microsoft's terms of service allowing changes as long as they offer a full refund of any unused portion of the subscription.

Good, because they do. From https://blog.onedrive.com/oned...

If you are an Office 365 consumer subscriber and find that Office 365 no longer meets your needs, a pro-rated refund will be given.,/i>

Comment Re:Wetware hack: Sardines as desert (Score 1) 145

No offence, but...

Translation: I am about to say something incredibly offensive, on purpose, but because I say "no offence" first, it doesn't count. Kinda like the assholes who think that parking in no stopping zones is allowed as long as they put on their 4-way flashers first.

are your kids retarded

Yup, there it is.

Comment Re:Low Maintenance (Score 1) 557

Your local sewer fee is cheap, but some places it isn't--and it's a monopoly you're totally beholden to, so if they have to install a new sewage treatment plant and rates skyrocket, there is nothing you can do about it.

If you are paying to have your sewage pumped, then in all likelihood those fees are going to rise proportionally to the sewer rates. Unless your sewage is being hauled to a different municipality.

Comment Re:Maybe you can't (Score 1) 256

Interesting. Here (Ontario), we get a two piece registration document, which you are required to carry with you when driving. One half is the "vehicle portion" and the other is the "plate portion". Unless you are leasing, you will always have the ownership (vehicle portion) in your name. There is no separate "title document" that is held back. A lender will register a lien against the vehicle, but it's up to the buyer to check for one before handing over their money. There is a "used vehicle information package" that a private seller is supposed to get and provide to the buyer, which shows any liens, ownership history, etc, but not everyone does. An informed buyer will avoid those people. :)

Comment Re:So which agencies' backdoors are in there? (Score 1) 135

I think it's largely random. We've traveled regularly to the US (from Canada) with our grandson since he was two, and had to show the custodial letter about half the time. Occasionally a 3rd degree, usually just a quick Q&A. Same thing with the dog - we always have his papers (immunization records) ready with our passports, and we've never been asked for them.

Come to think of it, the dog is probably worth more to the right buyer. :)

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