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Journal GMontag's Journal: TNR's Christopher Orr is concerned about a coverup! 2

Aliengate: The Coverup Continues:
  More from Eric Kleefield on the burgeoning scandal that threatens to throw the entire presidential race into disarray:

Dennis Kucinich's Congressional and campaign offices have not yet denied Shirley MacLaine's claim that Kucinich "heard directions in his mind" from a UFO while visiting her home in Washington state.

"I am not commenting on that," said Natalie Laber, press secretary for the candidate's Congressional office, when asked by Election Central.

The Truth is Out There.

--Christopher Orr

Mr. Kucinich speaking to UFOs is more important to them than PV1 Scott Thomas Beauchamp speaking to the TNR 'mothership' on 7 September 2007?

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TNR's Christopher Orr is concerned about a coverup!

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