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Comment Re:Two Solutions (Score 1) 203

There never was a defect/bug report in my carrier blaming the defect on me, except the one I mentioned (that is _production code_).
And as I said before: most of the time I worked the last 30 years in teams that had ZERO bugs in production. The issue trackers etc. prove that.

The severity "showstopper" or "minor" has absolutely nothing to do with that.

Comment Re:We're not doomed [Re:We're Doomed.] (Score 1) 189

The total change might take a century. As in: average temperature is ow X and in 100 years Y. Or sea level is now L1 and in 100 years L2.

But there are small, localized, changes as in Syria/Iraq, that happen over the course of 3 to 5 years.

Then again, if for them reason push comes to shove, as with the ice on Greenland (a Vulcano, e.g.) and the whole ice drops into the ocean over the course of a couple of years, then mankind has a problem, a serious one. One is for sure: the seal level rise won't be a constant X mm per year, but change rapidly due to "weather" or other reasons we don't think about now.

Same for agriculture areas that suddenly, over the course of a few years, get wiped out. Even if they can be "reused" for other fruits/crop. You can not switch from grapes to olive oil in a course of 10 years ...

Or we have a runaway effect because of melting perma frost and releases CH4 ...

There are thousands of things thinkable that can turn extremely bad in an surprisingly short time period.

But: likely you mean with "mankind" the few people rich enough to relocate any time ... those might survive, until they meet a mob thinking different.

Comment Re:Two Solutions (Score 1) 203

Unless you know it is only called once after the software is deployed.

Or you know you have to ship in a few days, and writing it "perfect" takes longer than those days left.

Should I continue? I probably find 200 reasons why "premature optimization" is as unpleasant as other "premature ..." things.

Comment Re:Two Solutions (Score 1) 203

I worked in plenty of organizations that only shipped bug free software.

I personally had only one single bug (created by myself) delivered into production the last 30 years.

However the last years I often worked in organizations that unfortunately accepted bugs going into production ... probably a reason why I don't work for them anymore ... it is just to annoying to have a stupid non working process and can not use the tools you want etc.

Comment Re:Use a liberal definition of planet (Score 1) 140

I actually really like this idea:
Define a Star as a body that has achieved a nuclear fusion reaction.
Define a Planet as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that orbits a star.
Define a Planetoid as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that does not orbit a star.
Define a Moon as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that orbits a planet.
Define an Asteroid as a body that does not have enough mass to be spherical that orbits a star.
Define a Natural Satellite (here's to you, potato shaped Phobos) as a body that does not have enough mass to be spherical that orbits a planet. Maybe call it a Moonoid?

Define Pluto and Charon as a binary planet; since they appear to orbit each other (and binary stars are already defined).
If this means Sedna and a few other bodies become planets -- fine. But at least the definitions are easy.

Comment Re: Max speed to which solid object can accelerate (Score 1) 124

My question is: at what speed approximately it becomes a "set of protons and electrons" instead of its normal shape? At none?
To what speed it can accelerate without losing its shape? As close to c as you want, why do you think your ship would lose its shape?

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