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Comment Re: C and C++ (Score 1) 414

Full controll about what?
So you prefer to be unproductive like 1/3rd of the speed you have when working with C over having a high and easy productivity when working with C++? That is beyond me ....

Sorry, your answer makes no sense. It sounds like a C++ hater who has jo idea what he is hating. But don't feel onlieged to give a more sensual answer.

Comment Re:See also United Nations report (Score 1) 201

Most workers who worked in cleaning up are dead.
German TV teams over the last 20 years regularily visit survivours and interview them.
Basically all survivours tell us: only very few are still alife. Most of them don't have a living comrade anymore.

The clean up personal was around 650,000 people if I recal correctly. Over 90% of them are dead now. Keep in mind: that where 17 - 20 year old boys when they did the cleaning up. If most of them are dead now, it hardly can be contributed to 'car accidents' or smoking.

As I said in my previous post: during the first weeks of clean up, the soldiers that died where displayed in sarcophagus on the red place. That was shown in TV regularily.

That habit was cancled a few weeks later when the 'mass demonstrations' of family members of the dead became a problem.

The deads displayed on the red place where several hundret and could easy be over a few thausands alone. (obviously I did not count them, and I don't know how long they got displayed, but at a random day there where easily 100 sarcophagus displayed)

In other words: I saw probaly a thousand or more dead myself!

As I live in germany, I know a lots of russians and more impportant people from the Ukraine ... the estimates of random people you ask is far far bigger than a million dead. Keep in mind: that happening was before Glasnost and Perestroika.

As I mentioned in a different post, Germany treated ten thousands of children against thyroid cancer, as the survivla rate is likely only 95% or less, to lazy to google, that alone accounts to over 1000 dead kids.

So the idea that in the biggest desaster the planet ever had, only 38 people died is idiotic.

When the fire was burning on the other side of the lake where a few thousand 'watchers' ... basically all of them are dead now, or to shy to witness what they have seen. When you try to find them no one is answering to ads in newspapers etc. So the assumption is they mostly died.

Comment Re:Non-starter 'flying car' (Score 1) 153

I would say a plane that obviously is flying defies your ideas of it can't fly.

What you want to say with regulations regarding residental neighbourhood ... no idea. In Europe such planes will always be bound to land on an air port. We don't enjoy the freedom to land a gyrocopter where ever we want.

The one who is stupid is likely you. Do you really think german engineers are so dumb to found a limited liability company, spent millions in developing a prototype, when it is clear from the beginning, that it never can work? Hu? Do you think that?

As I mentioned in an other post: there are hundrets of companies working on 'concepts' that have flying prototypes of various 'science fiction' air crafts. You can google around ...

Of course the first flight tesrs were unmanned ... why risk a pilot, if you can avoid it?

Comment Re:Sucks, but derivative work (Score 1) 137

By DEFINITION all fair use are derived works. By definition? You are an idiot, sorry.
Showing a movie, that is copyrighted, without asking for permission, in a school class for 'educational purpose' ....
IT IS FAIR USE. (And it is not a copyright violation)

Photocopying a part of a book, to hand it out to kids in school: is not a derived work! It is a _plain copy_ !!

I can hardly imagine a situation where one creates a derived work first and then claim they are using it in fair use ...
Except for the topic, you could say subtitles for the deaf are a derived work AND are fair use.

The rest of your post is simply insulting and wrong. Perhaps reread it and follow my advice: read the law!

Comment Apple ][ (Score 1) 414

Apple Soft Basic, only messed around with INTEGER Basic to 'patch' some games.
6502 assembly and Sweet 16
Atztec C ... still on an Apple ][, never relly understood that types basically were completely ignored, error messsages were a pain in the ass. But I learned about the tool chain you need(ed) for 'real programming'.
Pascal, then Modula 2
Then around 1988, 'better C' (wrote some GUI stuff in C for OpenView connecting some Prolog programs to each other)
Quickly later I switched from Pascal on Macs to a subset of C++ (Think C, later bought by Symantec) and to CFront based C++ on Suns.
Around that time I worked mainly in Unix, with various shells and Perl. On the Mac I learned 68k assembly, because I always thought I could make the Think C virtual message dispatch faster ...
Because of study requirements I learned Prolog and Lisp and SQL.
Later SPARC and PowerPC assembly ... never seriously used it and have forgotten everything.
Then Acorn Risc basic on my Archimedes, and ARM assembly (that opcode set I really like, and ofc. 68k is such a nice architecture)
On PC I switched to Borland and Symantec C++, on Macs I sticked to Think C/Symantec C++, on Unix I mainly was working on scripts.
Meanwhile my 'private' programming is mainly Groovy and a bit Scala. My professional programming is usually Java.
I guess I forgot plenty of languages :) as I e.g. did P/L1 and COBOL in Y2k reengineering, but never learned enough of them to write a program from scratch.
Of course I did lots with HyperCard / AppleScript.

For beginners I think Groovy and Python are excellent languages. Java I would probably only teach with stuff like Blue/J. And: there is still 'Free Pascal'. Pascal is probably the best language for teaching that ever was invented!

When I have a bit free time I will start learning Swift and make some small Apps, that I have ideling in my mind since quite some time.

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