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Comment Re:Environmentalism (Score 2, Interesting) 738

Exactly. China's removal of rare earth elements from the Earth is causing IMMENSE, ungodly devastation to the surrounding landscape. Huge tracts of fertile, lush land have been turned to hazardous sludge. Hybrid cars use tons of these minerals and the result is unspeakable tragedy for the Earth. Fuck your computers, cars, phones... The price is too high. (I just pawned my desktop computer off this morning!)

Comment Re:1 in 31 US Citizens in custody or parole (Score 5, Informative) 270

Right? You shouldn't feel safe. Not because of the "criminals" but because of the reason why there are so many "criminals." Have a joint on you? You're a criminal. Do you know how many people are in jail because of simple drug-related offenses? Be afraid. Look at that. 25% of federal inmates are in there for drug possession. I bet you a good amount of these people wouldn't rob you at gunpoint. Good luck, America!

Comment hmm (Score 1) 309

It seems a lot of the more intrusive, powerful DRM systems are created for the purpose of at least having the game uncrackable for the first day of release, when many people will want it. This means that many of the people who really want to play it will end up buying it because a crack is unavailable at the time, even if it's for only a day. If more and more people keep waiting for the crack, the first-day sales that these companies rely on will drop. And that will certainly be interesting once it reaches a critical point.

Comment Re:Be careful what you wish for (Score 4, Insightful) 265

Do you really think it is the corrupting power of dollar signs in their eyes that prevents them from taking even a little bit of time away from frantically making as much trash as they can and make some genuine masterpieces? Does it occur to you that this is completely ridiculous?

How is this ridiculous at all? Society continuously beats into our head that money is equal to success, and success is the only thing worth striving for in life. What kind of musician wouldn't want to be famous, rich, and have a huge following of fans? The kinds that are greedy and want all of this badly ARE the ones that rise to the top. They are shoddy musicians next to some of the deep underground ones, and they are so popular BECAUSE of their drive for money.

even though the artists themselves will end up being worse off, not to mention that most people will be deprived of the 'trash' that they actually like?

Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and Miley Cyrus wont be obscenely rich. Cry me a river. Meanwhile, bands that care more about artistic integrity might find themselves with more fans, or maybe not, either way, I'm sure they don't mind (being one of them myself). And when it all collapses people will just sell their iPods and everything because there is no longer any music out there that they would like, which is incredibly far from the truth.

and the great era of plenty

Quality over quantity. That's all I have to say. Who cares about the sheer amount of it when it is completely bereft of quality?

Comment Civ (Score 1) 326

Funny how I saw this announcement while playing a LAN of Civilization IV with a few other people and talking about if they were going to make another one for the PC. This is exciting news! As you can tell, Civ is a game I really enjoy as I still play it today. Hopefully they don't mess up the mechanics a lot, or add a lot of DRM.

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