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Comment For me... (Score 1) 539

linuxconf broke more than it fixed. I had only tried it a handful of times at the urgings of other enthusiasts. I hated having to undue all of the errors it would make on my machine. The idea was great but I still think its just not possible to make a one-size be-all-to-beat-all admin tool for every distro without messing something up somewhere.

I see selecting a linux distro to be kind of like getting married. Sure there are plenty of general rules of thumb that can help you achieve a successful marriage. But those alone aren't enough. You have to get to know your own spouse and their unique needs.

Comment Re:Wash it (Score 1) 1078

That is a similar experience to being around smokers.

No. You are exaggerating. I've had to work around both when I served in the military. It's not the same. People that won't bathe are much worse. Just research the history of plagues and you'll find all the proof that you need.

Comment Re:UDP. (Score 1) 536

I think the original poster intended to ask about a client application protocol. Like their reference to FTP. If my assumption is correct, then the poster from the article might be interested in something like rsync, only for Windows instead of Unix. In which that case would be cwrsync - Rsync for Windows.

I invested more time in making this post than researching file transfer solutions for this article. More research by the interested party would be wise.

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