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Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 3, Insightful) 395

Ever been driving down the road and you get a message pop up about a 12 minute delay just ahead? Google saw everyone else's phones come to a stop/near-stop on the road ahead and is busy trying to help you route around it. Is that good? Bad? I don't know the answer but I find it convenient more than I find it obtrusive as I generally don't care if Google knows where I am.

Comment Valid for some website ideas (Score 1) 312

What if someone wanted a forum for say, Huntington's disease (just to pick a random genetic problem). What if they wanted a section where only people who truly have Huntington's can share their experiences without getting trolled by just any person? (duh, people with Huntington's could troll too, but you get what I mean). Just to say, not everything having to do with someone's genetic code is "racist". Almost makes me think the OP is just trolling too.

Comment They forget where most of their money comes from (Score 2) 183

The average newspaper "subscription fee" barely covers the cost of paper and distribution. Newspapers make their real money selling ads. Now those same local newspapers to me want me to buy a subscription to their online versions that cost nothing in paper and almost nothing to distribute? Their online money comes from me clicking through relevant advertisements I find while reading. Make me pay for the _privilege_ to read your news and I'll go elsewhere. Getting listed in an aggregator like drives people to news sites so they can sell ads. Wonder how long it'll take before the news sites in Spain see their traffic dwindle to the point they're loosing appreciable revenue.

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