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Comment Re:Celebrate! (Score 1) 568

It is such a shame that all Christians didn't live up to St. Paul's devotion in his time.

With all Christians celibate, your cult would be long gone today, hardly even be remembered by history.

Of course with human nature being what it is, you'd probably still be wasting your life worshiping some other imaginary being today, not knowing that the 'right' religion had already faded away long ago.

Comment Re:Written Before Christianity Was PAGANIZED (Score 1) 568

Whether or not Jesus was a real person is irrelevant to the fact that there is no god.

Like so many other supposedly divine persons, he was simply selected and told he was divine. The Dalai Lamas are a good example. That Jesus' parents got away with lying about their pre-marital sex to hide the shame of Mary's pregnancy just adds to the 'miracle' now doesnt it?

You only believe the delusion because your parents passed on their cultural disease to you when you were to young to reason, and you never went back to re-asses it properly.

Comment Re:Written Before Christianity Was PAGANIZED (Score 1) 568

You are mistaken. Proof that there is no god is not necessary for Atheism. You must be so wired to your faith that you can't comprehend a total absence of faith. Only proof that there is a god could invalidate Atheism, something you and no one else will ever be able to produce.

And if you really believe your flawed reasoning, then you must believe that all gods ever worshiped are real and separate entities from Ra to the Flying Spaghetti Monster because you have no proof otherwise.


Journal Journal: Superheated Ground Anomaly

Ground temperatures exceeding 800 degrees (C? F? HOT!) are being recorded at the Los Padres Forest in Ventura County, California. Geologists are uncertain why, but a popular theory is that hydrocarbons in some form (petroleum, gas, coal) are being exposed to air through cracks formed in dry ground. (Fuel + Oxygen + Heat = Fire Triangle) The last thin

Dead At 92, Business Computing Pioneer David Caminer 142

Brooklyn Bob points out this fascinating obituary of David Caminer, the first systems analyst. "The tea company he worked for developed their own hardware and software — in 1951! Quoting New Scientist: 'In today's terms it would be like hearing that Pizza Hut had developed a new generation of microprocessor, or McDonald's had invented the Internet.'"

Google News to Host Wire Service Stories 63

knhasan writes to tell us that Google has just announced a new program in which they will host wire news stories directly on their site. This is widely believed to be the first concrete fallout from recent troubles with Agence France Presse (who sued Google for alleged copyright infringement) among other wire services. "The new feature unveiled Friday is called 'duplicate detection,' which lets Google News identify the original source of a story that may appear in tens or hundreds of news outlet Web sites. If the source story is from one of the four news service agencies that Google has licensing agreements with, Google will display the story on a page that it hosts."

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