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Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 341

The way America is run is childish, not the system per se, but the people doing the governing. Also, it should be illegal to mix political points in the same bill, as it is easy to shadow core issues with popular ones for political points.

For example, over here it is illegal to have sales deals that give you totally unrelated things for free if you buy an item. Examples being, buy a car - get a frozen half pig. If your selling a car you can only offer car related or monetary deals.

Comment Silly to even try (Score 1) 199

Any implementation of this would require the global consent of the ISP "community", it used to have some "community-ish" behavior but now the bean counters are deep into the routing.

Not going to happen:
    1. It sound like a major attack vector, to ddos backbones etc. We in the ISP community are real hot about not taking risks with the network.
    2. It sounds like a major demand on how QoS is implemented in and between networks. This is something ISP do not agree on today and do not trust there peers with.
    3. If it requires software updates it will take 1-2 year to be accepted as stable in the "community" and after that it would require 2-5 years to reach maturity with end-to-end functionality.
    4. Settling the discussion. It would take years to discuss what the user would be allowed to do and how that should be handled in different scenarios. And what the ISP must accept, and run as default. Like preference to high income sources.

All the above will take so long that we will all have Gigabit internet and massive backbones in place before this will allow ISP to run there backbone overloaded with the excuse that customers can choose traffic priorities.

From what I gleen from the abstract this would also be a massive load on all the transit routers. Far easier to keep doing what we have been doing, just keep upgrading.

Comment Re: Nuclear Testing. (Score 1) 93

The whole planet is radioactive, the the universe outside is even more so.
Those tests almost certainly had no lasting effect, the amounts of material was minute. The average life time consumption of bananas will outstrip any effect of any radioactive waste you will encounter in your lifetime. Unless you expose yourself on purpose.

I am Swedish and I remember when Chernobyl went pop, it was forbidden to sell meat where the winds spread radioactive dust. In the end though, no increase in cancer has been measurable.
It has also been proven that no radiation is not good for your immune system, it apparently needs the stimulation to function properly.

Comment Re:"Meddling with nature"? Yes, please. (Score 1) 367

Caution is off course well advised.

But our, skilled, meddling with nature is the only reason we know that the planet is in jeopardy.
We refer to this meddling as science, the rest is mostly industry. But gene editing is science for now.

Assuming we want to save the planet we may want to eliminate things that are expensive and wasteful, like obvious genetic diseases.
You can do the nazi approach, but I guess you not that willing to save the planet.

So what is left is to try and cure as many of these costly (in both money and misery) problems as possible. Or we can just let things be as they aught to be and watch those poor beings suffer with there proper genetic defects.

Nature does not know best, infact it does not know a thing. It is a phenomenon, a fantastic one yes, for sure. But not an intelligence or a rule set.

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