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Comment Pros and Cons (Score 1) 295

Undoubtedly Apple will fight this to the ends of the Earth, but it really is needed.

Although you can't really blame Apple for denying Google Voice and similar apps since they really have rhyme or reason in their vetting process. It seems like a thousand monkey on a thousand typewriters approving apps.

It's nice to see these great apps finding a home, although since it is more lax the risks start to go up.

In the end the consumer wins, anyone not inclined to go outside the comfort zone of Apple's store gets a good selection of applications that are backed by Apple. The rest of us get more variety.

Comment Re:Complexity orders of magnitude bigger (Score 1) 598

So the complexity of the problem is probably an order of magnitude beyond 22 billion neurones and 220 trillion connections. Then consider the effect of 1000s of unknown neurotransmitters - and we know little about the "known" ones, such as serotonin and dopamine, except that they have a profound effect. And _then_, consider that the brain has structure, and we know comparatively little about that structure, and only a few hints about the algorithms and data structures that it uses.

So then basically, according to Clark's third law, we run on magic? As long as we're considering biology a technology for this discussion.

Comment Re:Wagers+HonorSystem= (Score 1) 112

Since you guys crashed the site that TFA is from: -_-

Usually the way it works is like this: I am playing a ranked match against somebody named some variant of '420niggah' (classy I know) and as soon as I am about to drop a coup de grace, they just quit. YOu what would make that even more fun? Losing real money each time it happens. No thanks.

I would imagine that a disconnect would mean loss.

What could possibly go wrong? From the rules page: "When the game is completed, both you and your opponent must report and verify the results." If my experience with the gamers on XBox Live is any indication, maybe 1 in 5 of the losers will report it. And 4 of 5 of losers will 'dispute' the results.

I would hope that contested games get verified by a neutral third party, and that frequent false verifications would flag an account for banning.

I know I would put myself in the "novice" category to give myself a better selection of gamers to play increasing my payout. I'm not saying I'm primed to compete against fatal1ty or anything, but I do like easy money.

Comment Re:Respect rules of the road, not just the officia (Score 1) 882

Mod this guy up, slower traffic keep right.

This is a major problem in the widwest where timid drivers like to pick a lane and stay in it. You couple that with the people who speed up to not allow others to pass and you end up with a moving roadblock going 5 under the speed limit. On one occasion I was in a hurry behind these Vogons of the road and was a complete and total jerk and passed them on the shoulder. They flipped me off, I smiled and waved since I got what I wanted... clear road. Nothing is more beautiful.

I'm not a fan of the current trend of driving with the brights on either.

Comment Most work, some issues (Score 1) 554

Games that I have played on Win7 RC:

Team Fortress 2
Left 4 Dead
(Other Valve Games)
Age of Conan
Empire: Total War
Medieval 2: Total War

Oblivion had some problems after one patch and I had to end up blowing the settings information out of the user profile to get it running again. Aside from that, it's been good to me.
Also worth noting, the hibernation seems to not like my old Nostromo n52, it makes my computer hard reboot. I haven't gone through much troubleshooting on it though.

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