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Journal Journal: Might as well..

start using this thing
Things have been going strange for me. Always feeling like i am failing at what it is i'm doing.
and just what is it i'm doing?

Welp, trying to somehow, in some small way, change the world for the better. I try and do this every day.
call me an idealist, ( A simple run through of my posts here on /. would quantify that ) but i just figure that if people don't work today towards that, then when will they? People are lazy, and will wait for someone to pull them from the mud before truely trying to pull themselves out.
some people just cling to their tradgedy. My rationalization of this phenomenon is due to their own ignorance of themselves.
people in this westernized societal entanglement are either unaware of their conformity, or choose it for fear of repression


So, i guess in my small way, every day i talk to 80-100 of these folks at my job as a cable billing operator in a canadian call center, serving all of the united states's subscribers of the particular cable company we are outsourced to work for.
Some days, people are ok. Just payin the bills.
but... somedays the callers seem so ignorant
i mean, people don't listen to when they're being spoken to one bit. I find this strange, being an acute listener myself. Everyone has something to say. hell, even me
So what's the point of this post anyways? Well, other than to further illustrate my ADD with a fine example of a aimless, thoughtless post...

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