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Comment Re:Or not (Score 4, Insightful) 197

Yeah it does doesn't it? However this is Gordon Brown's bunch of incompetent fuck-wits, at least until the next election when they will be replaced by David Cameron's bunch of incompetent fuck-wits! UK Government IT is all based on back-handers and directors taking cuts for projects that are almost always delayed and almost always nothing like what they were supposed to achieve. I wouldn't trust the Gov's IT mob to run a 1 table with 1 row Access database, they'd fuck it up or leave it on a USB on a train somewhere!

Comment Re:Well - Since its Harriet Harman involved (Score 1) 237

I believe there have several cases here in the UK where those from ethnic minorities have tried to play that card, "I'm [ethinic minority] how can I be racist?!". The question I would ask these planks is, "Race has nothing to do with it pal, you're that stupid and detached from reality, how do you manage to get your trousers on in the morning?"!!!

Comment Re:There's a leak? (Score 1) 287

Yes, they're fallable and more human, ergo easier to relate to the character if they are more like you and me. Just like you and me, you know that at any moment that character could be mentally "broken" just like you and me. Why do you think people still sit and watch soap-operas on TV? Superheroes are obviously fantasy and bear no resemblance to anyone we all know, like fairy tales or Disney cartoons we all liked as kids.

Comment Re:Another reason not to fly via Heathrow (Score 5, Insightful) 821

I want to go back to NY to take photos, I want to go see my family in Florida. I would love to go see NZ and Japan, but I refuse to fly now. I have had to make a choice, made a sacrifice, not happy about it but I refuse to be treated like a criminal just 'cos those in charge are trying to convince us of the existence of these so-called phantom terrorists! More chance of slipping over and breaking your leg and dying in hospital, than dying in a terrorist attack! The terrorists have already won, we have lost our liberty and freedoms through fear and who helped the terrorists to win? Our wonderful all powerful governments, by slowly stripping away our rights, one by one, without most people even knowing or caring. The terrorists got what they wanted, total fear of them from the general populace. The governments have curtailed our freedoms, just what all governments have wanted. Sad times we live in now...

Comment Re:It's true (Score 1) 965

What the hell is wrong with you? You keep up that common sense kind of thinking and do you know what kind of world we would have? People getting along, dogs and cats lying together in peace, no wars and no hunger! Is that what you really want? Well is it?!

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 354

Sadly you're right "the cult" still have rights, even if we don't agree with their twisted views. Remember going to see Arch Enemy and Opeth in London, "the cult" set up one of their stands about 200 yards up the road from the gig. Going OK until about 2 hours before concert start time, when 3-4000 long-haired metal nutters descended on the area and "the cult" started getting rather worried by the looks and comments they were getting from us lot. My right of Freedom of Speech to call you a bunch of mind-twisting freaks!
PC Games (Games)

OnLive Gaming Service Gets Lukewarm Approval 198

Vigile writes "When the OnLive cloud-based gaming service was first announced back in March of 2009, it was met with equal parts excitement and controversy. While the idea of playing games on just about any kind of hardware thanks to remote rendering and streaming video was interesting, the larger issue remained of how OnLive planned to solve the latency problem. With the closed beta currently underway, PC Perspective put the OnLive gaming service to the test by comparing the user experiences of the OnLive-based games to the experiences with the same locally installed titles. The end result appears to be that while slower input-dependent games like Burnout: Paradise worked pretty well, games that require a fast twitch-based input scheme like UT3 did not."

Comment Re:People aren't robots (Score 1) 709

Where I work, backroom Oracle DBA and Unix SA, we all have to wear shirt'n'tie, if not you are politely asked by the management, why you are not wearing one. We never, ever see our "customers" so none of us can understand why we have a strict dress-code. When we have had "dress-down" days, I have to admit that productivity goes down the wotnot!

Comment Shut up and stop moaning, you maggots! (Score 1) 511

Oh boo-hoo, we can't enough money, wah-wah-wah!

Sorry, if your product is good with a semi-original theme and available on most platforms ( thinking stuff like Fallout 3, LEGO film-tie ins ), then we'll buy them, else you trying to foist the latest GTA episode with the same, junp-in-car, shoot-hooker, deal-drugs, for the 15th time, then no we are not going to fork out another 45 quid for something very similar to last years episode.

I play retro stuff most of the time, cheap to buy are 2nd-hand sales and the odd download for the really rare stuff, the only games I bought recently were LEGO Star Wars II and Fallout 3. They weren't amazingly original but had a certain twist that I really enjoyed, but I am sick and tired for seeing the same of tosh release all over again each time a new console hits the market.

Sorry but the games industry is getting just like the music biz, there are some real gems out there, real talent, but most of it is rahashed chart shite!

Comment They are scum! (Score 1) 305

The PRS are worse than the **AAs, they are not an officially recognised law enforcement agency, they have no powers, they are merely a tool of the music industry. Although more often than not the music industry hates the PRS too, they stop all the free publicity that the record companies like, so quite frankly the PRS can go f**k themselves backwards over a barrel!

Comment Fine! (Score 1) 380

Some how I can't see then fixing the standards they spent years breaking! Why is it when you code for browsers, you spend 10% of the time coding which more or less works on all browsers and then you spend 90% of the time kludging to get it to work on IE?!

Comment OK.... (Score 1) 293

Now if I download something slightly dodgy, you make sure the money goes to the company concerned so I don't get dragged of to court to pay the **AA's!

No didn't think so, it's going the way of all taxes. To pay for that government official's house repairs or free trip to Bermuda on one of those "assess if they do things the same as us" type of trips!

Comment Big hand for the PRS! (Score 4, Insightful) 161

Well done PRS, you managed shut out a big advertising opportunity to the artists to supposedly represent. I'm sure the record companies will be round later with a big bunch of flowers to say thanks!

Well done for now forcing people onto sharing sites to pick up ripped DVDs!

Well done for forcing people to go to dodgy malware ridden proxy sites to get around Google's stupid IP range blocking!

Well done for screwing the lesser known and poorer artists who really do get benefit from appearing on YouTube vids, getting some recognition and maybe a handful of those really important sales to keep going.

Big round of applause!

Comment Oh for.... (Score 1) 289

Oi Gordon are you listening? TRACKING DOES NOT WORK! THE BAD GUYS KNOW HOW TO GET AROUND THESE THINGS! Stop wasting my fecking money on this tripe and start paying people to do some real work!

Actually the real scumbag is Jacqui Smith, she this blinkered view terrorists are luriking around every corner and we all need protecting from ourselves, fecking bitch the quicker we boot this lot the better, then at least we'll have a few years of peace and quiet until the polls show the next mob are going down, then it starts all over again!

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