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Comment Re:Belgium does that (Score 1) 146

What I would miss the most if I were to leave my Desire Z behind would be the keyboard. My phone is not the newest or fastest around, but I love that keyboard, and my wife is jealous of the cam quality, which is better than hers on her much newer Sony XPeria Go. Oh. And xmbc. Need that.

Comment Re:the irony... (Score 2) 146

...of cellular carriers, the most despised, bullying, and customer-hating organisations - monopolies, often - on the face of the earth, are crying because someone bigger than them is calling the shots for a change. the shock alone must be causing them to palpitate. even better - its because of *unfair and one-sided contract terms*! I laughed so hard I swear my spleen burst.

Actually here in Europe the carriers have something you in the US seem to lack. We call it competition. Personally I am very happy with my carrier. No monthly fee for the basic subscription and a decently priced data plan. The Apple contracts are in sharp contrast with the rest...one of many reasons why I would never contemplate buying an iPhone.


Submission + - Microsoft Disrupts Massive Cybercrime Operation (net-security.org)

Orome1 writes: In its most complex effort to disrupt botnets to date, Microsoft, in collaboration with the financial services industry announced it has successfully executed a coordinated global action against some of the most notorious cybercrime operations that fuel online fraud and identity theft. With this legal and technical action, a number of the most harmful botnets using the Zeus family of malware worldwide have been disrupted in a proactive cross-industry action against this cybercriminal organization. As a part of the operation, on March 23, Microsoft and its co-plaintiffs, escorted by the U.S. Marshals, seized command and control servers in two hosting locations, Scranton, Pa., and Lombard, Ill., to seize and preserve valuable data and virtual evidence from the botnets for the case.

Submission + - Japanese court orders Google to halt auto-complete function

An anonymous reader writes: Tokyo District Court has ordered search giant Google to suspend its auto-complete function because it breaches one's privacy. Tokyo District Court approved a petition by the man, who claimed typing his name into the search engine generated a suggestion linking him to crimes he did not commit, lawyer Hiroyuki Tomita said. Auto-complete is a function provided by many search engines that predicts what a user may be looking for. It is often based on what previous users have searched for when they typed the same initial letters of a word. If a user accepts the search suggestion, thousands of results are produced that imply criminality of which the man is not guilty. The lawyer added that since these postings began appearing on the Internet over the last few years, his client has had difficulty finding work, with his online reputation always in question.

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