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Comment Re:Lack of fuel (Score 2) 645

You're ignoring the economic incentive to increase exploration and extraction that comes with increased demand. The horizon for fossil fuels has been extended with the recent improvements in extraction technology that resulted in part from high demand, and we should expect similar improvements for uranium.

Comment Re:(Re:The Children!) Why? I'm not a pedophile! (Score 5, Informative) 284

Things on your person can be searched based upon probable cause without the need for a warrant.

I guess you're not aware of this year's Supreme Court decision, Riley vs. California, in which they determined that police require a warrant to search your phone.

Comment 1st Amendment (Score 0) 163

Freedom of speech and of the press guarantee the right to publish FACTUAL reports regarding events, current or historical. In the absence of misrepresentation of the facts, there's no reason that these articles should be "erased" from Google's search index. Of course, even with the erasure, other sources will rise to provide this information, e.g., this new site.

Comment Re:Irresponsible (Score 0) 354

. . . It used to be a "right" to shout "fire" in a theater, but that "right" was not permitted under the 1st Amendment. . .

That is a common misconception. That decision has been overturned and you're free to shout "fire" any time you want.

The First Amendment protects us from people like you who would abridge our rights. I'm thankful that SCOTUS agrees with me.

Comment Re:Irresponsible (Score 0) 354

Instead of arguing this point, we need to make it very clear that anyone making or distributing 3D gun models should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If there isn't a law, make one - make TEN! I don't care.

Any such law would be blatantly unconstitutional. The right to publish 3D models of anything is guaranteed under the First Amendment. This is not a Second Amendment issue. Would you make publishing a book with the plans to build a gun illegal, too?

Comment I, for one, am looking forward to the new options (Score 0) 194

I recently purchased a 2011 model-year GM Lambda-platform vehicle with the in-dash navigation unit. It has 2011-era bluetooth support (i.e., hands-free profile only), and a really craptastic USB implementation that doesn't easily allow third-party music apps to play over USB. Considering that model-year implies 2010 at best, we're talking tech that's at least four years old.

The map data is also from the 2011 model-year, so it is really old and the UX is terrible. Updating the maps requires a $200 DVD. WTF?

So, for around $500 more than the DVD upgrade, I can get all of the modern conveniences and map data that updates at Internet speed. I am at the edge of my seat waiting to see the options once they become widely available.

Comment Re:Apple head unit? (Score 0) 194

How ignorant can you sound?

Where does it say "Apple head unit"? The head unit is branded by the component manufacturer and provides an interface to allow display and interaction with an Apple device.

Where do you come up with "super expensive'? The NEX devices from Pioneer are receiving firmware updates for existing installations. How is that expensive?

Not only did you not understand the article, but you don't understand CarPlay itself. I have no idea how you got mod points for your response.

Comment Proper venue is a fundamental constitutional right (Score 0) 148

From the opinion, the court got this part right:

“Though our nation has changed in ways which it is difficult to imagine that the Framers of the Constitution could have foreseen, the rights of criminal defendants which they sought to protect in the venue provisions of the Constitution are neither outdated nor outmoded.” ... Just as this was true when we decided Passodelis in 1980 — after the advent of railroad, express mail, the telegraph, the telephone, the automobile, air travel, and satellite communications — it remains true in today’s Internet age. For the forgoing reasons, we will reverse the District Court’s venue determination and vacate Auernheimer’s conviction.

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