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Comment Why? (Score 4, Insightful) 157

WTF is congress getting involved in what a PRIVATE company is doing? Are they going to investigate Fox News? Or Brietbart? Or Newsmax? So-called "conservatives" can be the most whiny bunch of children in the universe. They spend all their time dictating how people can go to the bathroom or what devices can be shoved up a woman's hoohaa, then whine that the big bad liberals aren't letting them speak.

Comment Is this the one? (Score 1) 57

I'm looking forward to testing one of these. Over the years, my primary phone has always been an HTC. I had a T-Mobile DASH (an HTC made Blackberry clone running Windows Mobile 6.x), MyTouch 3G Slide, MyTouch 4G Slide, One M7, and One M8. The M9 just wasn't a worthy phone, IMO, so I went with the LG V10. The LG phone is very nice, but I really miss how seamlessly smooth HTC's Sense UI pairs with Android. I want a new HTC, but I won't settle for second-best. I hope the 10 delivers.

Comment There's already incompatibility (Score 1) 412

Many high-end "mobile" earphones are "IOS"-centric, in that their control buttons or microphone will only work with IOS devices. While the earphones will work with Android, the buttons for volume or skip won't work. I see this so many times on Sennheiser and other high-end products. They don't make Android-compatible controls, only IOS. Thankfully, BlueTooth is, for the most part, OS-agnostic, so the buttons function as they should regardless of device.

Comment So another "Hailo"? (Score 2) 155

There was already an app called "Hailo" that tried using regular taxis, but summoned with an app like Uber/Lyft. It sucked. I tried it several times here in Atlanta and all it did was confirm how totally abysmal is taxi service here. Three times I tried using a typical ride that I make with Uber. All three times were a lesson in futility. Average Uber response time is 4 minutes. Shortest Hailo time to get a taxi was 12 minutes, with the other two approaching 20 minutes. Cost of Uber rides was always about $6.50. Lowest Hailo cost was $11, and the driver was pissed that I didn't tip him. Sorry, you deliver inferior service, you lose.

Comment derpderpderp (Score 1) 302

I see the anti-Uber hivemind is strong on /. now. Forget the fact that in the cities in which Uber operates, the CUSTOMERS have overwhelmingly chosen Uber over traditional taxis for a damn good reason: service and cost. But, since traditional taxi companies don't want to compete on those, they resort to legislative solutions to eliminate the competition. And the shills and their easily-duped followers are more than happy to beat the drums for more and more regulations. Good job, Kansas! Maybe the buggy-whip makers still have a chance there!

Comment Re:yeah well, (Score 1) 324

I made the mistake of installing that abomination ONCE! After I calmed down enough to stop the steam from coming out of my ears and reassured the dogs I wasn't going to skewer anything within twenty feet I uninstalled it and scrubbed the system as best I could.

That's exactly the statement I made after installing iTunes on my Windows computer. It require a complete format and reinstall of the OS to clean that crap out completely.

Comment Re:Doing Google Wallet quietly? Shocker... (Score 1) 105

Google Wallet still has limited usefulness. NFC payments are still only supported on a tiny fraction of Android users, using a custom build of the wallet app not available in the Google play store. Only some phone distributors are given access to this custom build. My phone has android 4.4, NFC support, and Google wallet installed, but I can't do NFC payments. How do they expect to compete like that?

Google Wallet (installed from the standard Play Store) on my T-Mobile US HTC One (both M7 and new M8) works great paying for purchases anywhere they accept NFC payments (including Apple Pay locations). I previously used it at CVS before they turned off their NFC terminals, I use it at Panera, McDonalds, Kroger, Best Buy, Target. You're making claims that are not based in fact.

Comment Use extensions (Score 1) 100

In Chrome you can use the Manual Geolocation extension, in Firefox use Geolocator. With both you can enter the location you want (your actual location or somewhere else) and it will then tell any website that queries that location instead of the default. I use both and they do work, and are much simpler than using a proxy or VPN or other measures.

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