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Comment Re:Tabs on the left make sense (Score 1) 186

Another reason: I often have so many tabs open, the tabs often shrink down until they are impossible to read or even click on. But a vertical arrangement would become a scroll area (bonus if I don't have to click on it to scroll it). Or a finger swipe area, on a touchscreen.

Indeed, that last part may be what Google has in mind. Chrome tablets.

Comment Re:Universe regardless... (Score 1) 62

I can't disagree with any of those criticisms, but it's not a terrible game. A number of the missions, I thought, were well-done and interesting (though as another poster noted, for every episode, there's a Spock's Brain). There just wasn't enough stuff. After I played through all of the episodes, it became a boring grind.

I quit the game, but I'll go back when I feel they've added enough content to justify paying for another month.

Comment Re:Misses the point (Score 1) 371

So a better question is, do the astronauts have a right to hear the CORRECT figures, not the wild wishful-thinking executive estimates?

Somehow I suspect that the astronauts are more in tune with what the engineers think than the executives. The astronauts, after all, generally come from engineering and flight test backgrounds.

I also suspect that the astronauts (some of them, at least) would go even if the odds were 1 in 10, if that was the best the engineers could do.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 198

I'll take my two free points any way I can get 'em.

On a related note, whenever I get mod points, I generally scroll down to the end of the page and look for anonymous or unranked posts most people would miss because they simply don't read that far. Am I accomplishing anything by doing this? Probably not.

Comment Re:if they do that (Score 1) 476

Fast as in, will run desktop applications fast, or can do some obscure math calculations fast?

The latter. Cell has a single crappy in-order PPC processor core attached to eight fast as hell math co-processors. It is not a good general-purpose processor.

Cell rules at scientific applications written specifically for it, and happily for Sony, video game stuff (physics calculations, AI, etc) is close enough to that.

Comment Video is next (Score 1) 596

We're already seeing the convergence of digital cameras and video cameras. There are lots of cheapo little "Post to Youtube" video cameras that also shoot 4-6 MP stills, and nice consumer camcorders are shifting to SDHC for storage.

Eventually there will no longer be a distinction between small video cameras and consumer digicams. While there will still be DSLRs for pros, those are gaining video capability in the prosumer area, as well.

Comment Re:Rest in Peace, rpiquepa (Score 4, Insightful) 288

This makes me sad. OK, I know that a lot of people on Slashdot didn't like rpiquepa, and I understand why. But truthfully, I never paid much attention to who submitted what, so I probably read hundreds of his articles. Am I a better person for being a little bit more informed? I think so.

And so are you. We're all just names on the internet to each other. Some of those names, like mine, are more or less anonymous. And some people, like Roland, use their real names on the internet. Are we mortal or not? Obviously, we are. One (more) of us is dead now.

What about our words, our ideas? When the checks to the hosting companies stop and their servers shut down, will our words- all that we really are to each other- not disappear? I'm just rambling. Good night, Slashdot. My condolences to Roland's family.

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