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Comment Ici on parle everything (Score 5, Informative) 506

I'm a born and raised anglophone Quebecker. This is an issue I've faced (yes, faced) my whole life. There is a great deal of prejudice and discrimination against anglophones in Quebec, both socially and legislatively. Two applicants to the same job, both perfectly bilingual, one Francophone, one Anglophone, most times the Francophone gets the job. I've had people pick fights with me in bars, because I was speaking English with my friends privately. If you didn't attend English school as a child, you can't send your children to English school. I've gotten attitude from merchants for using the wrong conjugation or gender. The language issues touch every aspect of life here and truly divides Quebec. I've been against these discriminatory laws my whole life. In spite of all this, recently, after the last federal election, I'm starting to get it. Quebec is different than other provinces. The things we care about are different than the general population of North America. We believe in free health care and education for all. Not as a concept, but to the core of our being. It's ironic that we care so much for everyone, but lose sight of it over something as trivial as language. Francophone Quebec is afraid that we're going to lose these differences, this identity by way of dilution of the language. This is where the animosity comes from. It's rooted in fear, not in hatred. The fear of losing the language is justified and real. French is fading and being mixed against the cultural influence of English media. In 50 years, it will be the second language in Quebec. The fact is, today it's a French province with clear laws that signage and publicity must be in French first, and in English second. This said, the language police are overly aggressive and make silly moves like this pretty often.. and unfortunately it undermines Quebec and the social issues it faces. It makes us seem silly and petty to the rest of the world. If you live here, after things like this you have a harsh taste in your throat once you're done rolling your eyes. It is getting better. The next generation understands the world better than the previous generation, and things continue to improve.

Comment Glossy screens are useless (Score 1) 666

I've always held Apple's cinema displays in high regard, but the fact that they now only sell glossy monitors is a joke. If there is any light in the room, you're looking at your work through an image of your face. I loathe Dell a deep rooted fiery hot rage, but right now, their Ultrasharp monitors are the only game in town for someone who needs a precise image that they can actually see. (excluding much more expensive high-end gear)

Comment Go straight to "the cloud" (Score 1) 442

Cloud services like Rackspacecloud and Amazon EC2 are probably going to be more reliable than whatever you're planning to run yourself. They're straight-forward to learn, scale quickly, with relative ease, at reasonable cost. I don't see "going to the cloud" as an extra hurdle, but as a way to reduce headaches and to simplify deployment from the start. If you're worried about cost.. you can start with Linux instances at Rackspace for like 11 bucks/mth. On the topic of OS, either Linux or windows servers will work just fine, and if you're not comfortable with Linux, I wouldn't mess around with it unless you really need to save every penny. Linux instances give better performance:cost ratios than their windows counter-parts, but (in my experience, windows guy here) take more time to set up. If your project starts to get lots of traction, and you can start to pay yourself for your time spent on it, then it would start to make sense deploying real servers, or to start learning how to administer Linux instances/servers. Anyhow, good luck with the project, have fun! :)

Comment The next step (Score 1) 185

Public wifi isn't secure.. in other slashdot news, water is wet and fire burns. Really though, the next step in this equation is for someone to run this at a really busy hotspot in NYC, and then to anonymously publish the results online. Bang! media coverage. Bang! reputation loss and user defection for compromised services. Bang! solution for problem gains financial incentive, and gets fixed.

Comment VirtualBox for Free, VMWare for fee (Score 1) 384

VMWare ESXi is a fantastic free product for server virtualization, but since it needs to go through the network, graphic performance will leave something to be desired.. you need a seperate dedicated machine to run it as well. While you have many options, in my experience the best ones for desktop virtualization are: VMWare Workstation $$ Polished Oracle/Sun VirtualBox Free Fast graphics performance (my subjective experience) They're close to each other in terms of performance, with VirtualBox feeling a bit more snappy.. but VMWare is more mature and polished. Little things like copy/paste sync between the guest virtual machine and the host that make working with it much more pleasant. I have both setup, and I end up using VMWare 95% of the time due in a big part to the copy/paste sync. I'm running Windows 7 on all machines, both Guest and Host.. so YMV under ubuntu.

Comment Underwhelming (Score 1) 366

I'm writing from v.4 now.. and I must say I'm quite underwhelmed. 1) Orange button - make it smaller (icon only), and place it to the left of the tabs. Waste of space having it above them. 2) Tabs - put them at the top. Tabs in the title bar space is a great idea. Don't half-copy chrome. 3) "Always do this" checkbox in download dlg still doesn't work. Nobody cares whether it's the server's config that's at fault: Make that checkbox work. 4) Performance - slowest JS available. Guys. Seriously. What the hell is going on? I've loved firefox since the wee days, but honestly.. this isn't looking good. To the firefox team: please get out of whatever rut you're stuck in, or prepare to be swallowed whole by google.

Comment What brand did he use? (Score 1) 328

What an awful article, it doesn't even mention the brand that he used. Anyone who has used different hairgels will know that they can vary a LOT. Some are oily, some cheap ones produce white flakes, some are smelly, some work well, and others do next to nothing. I find it very odd that he doesn't even mention the brand he used! It makes his whole article useless.

Saying "Just use hairgel!" is like saying "The secret treasure is hidden in.. AUSTRALIA!"

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