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Submission + - Keezel Gadget Brings VPN Internet to All Travelers (gadgetreview.com)

FuryG3 writes: Traveling often means getting 'content not available in your location' messages, using sketchy public wifi connections, or getting stuck behind a hotel's captive portal that only let's one of your devices be online at a time. The guys behind Keezel were sick of this, and decided to make an easy-to-use battery powered VPN device that solves these types of issues. The one-button device connects to public wifi networks that you select from your phone, builds it's VPN tunnel, and creates at separate private wifi network for the rest of your devices. You can select your VPN endpoint for location-hopping, and it can charge your phone in a pinch with it's battery. More info at their IndieGoGo page.

Comment Re:Great... (Score 1) 582

Each airline deciding this individually isn't really the right way to do this, though. Airlines may have incentives to be more tolerant of risk than passengers are comfortable with (similar to other safety measures). When buying a plane ticket, I shouldn't have to make my own assessment of the safety of flight plans or mechanical maintenance.

There should be an independent agency responsible for setting standards and compliance. Thankfully, there is. The FAA and EASA (EU equivalent) are responsible for issuing notices about which flight plan routes are safe and which aren't. Neither declared this airspace unsafe.

Comment The best way to reduce crashes... (Score 1) 367

I'm guessing the majority of nasty accidents at intersections result from people trying to catch the tail end of the light... esp when combined with people who are getting a jump on the green.

1) Long yellow-light durations. You'll speed through a light that's just turned yellow, but you'll stop at a light that's been yellow for a while. My hometown (Fremont) found that adjusting this setting reduced red-light running by much more than installing intersection cameras: http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/34/3436.asp
2) Long pauses between the moment that one signal goes red and the cross-traffic's signal turns green. This allows the intersection to clear, even from assholes who still manage to run a red even after the long yellow.

Ironically (but predictably) what seems to happens when stoplight cameras are installed is a LOWERING of the yellow-light duration...

Comment Re:It should be a two-way street (Score 1) 770

I don't know where you read that article, but it's total bullshit (if it even exists).

Quick searching online reveals tons of info on getting a work visa in both China and India, as well as success stories. I personally know people who have traveled to and worked in China teaching English (commercially).

China's program is called a Z-Visa: http://www.ehow.com/how_2365046_get-work-visa-china.html

India's Employment Visa: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview/id/597004.html

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