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Comment Can self-driving cars fix its programs...?? (Score -1) 465

While on the high way where the traffic is so dense...will self-driving cars be able to fix its program when the severe virus struck...??? shall they cause more accidents instead???...don't know ....get confused when I imagine it.....let me fix my own website Furniture Jeparato compete with google self-driving cars then..???

Comment Indeed, Agrees about it, but Dislikes for surely.. (Score 0) 63

Somehow, In My opinion, this exclusive license is really damn superb for filtering much more responsible contents that we would post there, but...would that be also very supportive as it is meant to be expressive to any ideas and talks? ...I don't think people can easily devote their own thoughts if they already know that the limitations on same cases of writing will be beyond their reasonable minds.....Agree BUT Dislike...????? hhhmmmm....then let me just write on my own website Furniture Jepara...and I WOULD REALLY FEEL FREE.....cheerrsss.....

Comment Is it just HARMFUL or extremely a GREAT DANGER..?? (Score -1, Offtopic) 178

Well...if it's already closed but then all the data are already copied,,,then who actually has a big deal with it?? Ukraine government or USA govt..???....what a shame...!!! if everything seems to poke one's need to dominate the world..will it be just harmful or a great Danger..and will it be Ukraine or USA....???/husshhh..(Furniture Jepara)....

Comment no matter it is,,,it's only a market strategy (Score 1) 40

I believe that whatever created even the most recently advanced one, finally It only focuses on how dominant they can play a rule in technology and others should raise their hats to show their respects on how they dominate this technology market..this is written as a salutation on how it inspires us on competing our business world on Furniture Jepara...cheers....

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