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Comment Re:The Cuban Miracle (Score 1, Insightful) 690

We could all answer this question easily if you would be so gentle and provide some grounds for a proper comparison. Such as, for example, a Cuba which doesn't need to follow the whims of a cranky neighbour USA which autotakes the right to force sanctions on Cuba just because it is so full of evil commies. You say live and let live, but what you do is not coherent with that. (Deliberately poisoning the waters of your neighbour and then boasting around how your own watter is way healthier, is usually a trait of a bastard, low and dirty personality.)
Only then we would be able to properly evaluate the responses to your questions.

Comment Re:Favorite Pastime for the Islamists (Score 1) 509

You have the right to take that oppotyunity. Some of us have the right to take the oportunity to not want the same thing to happen again because exactly as you mention while you are being opportune, taking the lives of those who draw caricatures because said caricatures offend them enough to kill, is not a good thing. And lastly, some of us do not have the opportunity to fuck off from one of such places where the majority of the population are offended by said drawings and would seriously kick your arse if you boasted about your atheism.
I will not recomend anything for starters, since you seem fairly advanced in experience.

Comment Maybe the world as we know it might change soon (Score 1) 290

The process of power shifting from a set of hands to another set of hands has happened before many times throughout the course of human history.
Maybe something similar is about to happen again.
If this is true, the mystery of why all these countries want these weapons, disappears.

Comment Breaking News! Take 2 (Score 1) 99

In an extraordinary move, a company that makes use of sacrilegious ways of collaboration using technology and ideas with names such as "open source" or "donationware", such a company seems to have attracted the attention of heretics and infidels whose sole purpose in life is to undermine the Goodness of the Enterprises. With the controversial name of "OwnCloud" they sinfully provide a way to transform any combination of: "free", "Microsoft", "storage service" and "15 GB", into a joke . Some even commit atrocities such as breaking 'politically correct' protocol and laugh right in front of the face of the speaker of these words. How this company has done this is still unknown, but speculation and rumour speak of "local computer OwnCloud instance" and "router/modem port redirection". A certain kind of the geek species even blaspheme with openvpn connections between the hosting company where they keep webpages, and the beforementioned atrocious "local computer OwnCloud instance". Yet, the consensus among the experts about this last bit is that we are dealing with pure fantasy.

Comment Is it so outlandish? (Score 1) 323

After reading all comments so far and thinking of the concerns mentioned, printing humans onto another world for colonising purposes is really not a fearful thing to do. I will illustrate the simplicity of it by starting with artificial insemination and sperm donation. There is a sperm pool out of which we draw readymade zoids to fecund with an egg in an ovary, when we determine there is a need to do so. In the end, it all boils down to this bare fact.

Now, many if-s follow.. and we reach a point where if we have a world and if we want to colonise it and it is very close - less than 10ly away - then if we today happen to chose the moment when to 'start' the building of an embryo using readymade zoids and ovaries, can't this moment well enough be when the colony-ship lands on that world? .. the TimeSpan will kill the zoids and ovaries.... but then they are carriers of DNA. So basically, we don't need the ovaries and and the zoids, just a machine/biomachine to know how to imitate an ovary and another machine/biomachine to imitate the zoid. The embryo will contain the supplied DNA fed into the biomachines. Now, the database of the persons of these DNA samples would be no different than the databases of the existing sperm banks mentioned earlier.

If we would ever be capable of doing all this sci-fi, we would also be capable to build in advance a home, why, a village, waiting for the coming ocupants.

Otherwise, it is all well and good too. We just stay home.

Comment Re:Sad To Hear. (Score 1) 17

Considering also the parent post, it would be wiser on his part to quit and leave the dubious still dubious and get on with proper research, rather than step on who knows who might be interested in or is behind the marketing of the dubious results and who could later undermine his proper research. Spoiling somebody's elaborate plan to profit by scientific fallacies, could lead to grudges just because the said fallacy now has been scientifically proven and the profit plan, however elaborate and next-to-perfect, is dead forever.

Comment Wearable device feasibility (Score 4, Interesting) 180

Wearable devices will not be massively popular unless they will be as simple to use as headphones. Plug and it works and you don't need to think anymore about them.
There are many people I know who dislike bluetooth headphones just because after a while they get tired from sychronising them with the device, finding the proper frequency, there is noise and interference and whatever have you. Or they need something for a special purpose, such as to cheat at an exam hearing through a tiny invisible earplug deep in your ear what someone else at the next room is reading. But for normal people and normal life, either wearable devices will be as simple as switching on the TV, either the producers should really think targeting not "all the people there is" but selected target groups and usage specific audiences.

Submission + - New Scheme Makes it Impossible to Hack Individual Passwords ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering have devised a new scheme called PolyPassHash for storing password hash data so that passwords cannot be individually cracked by an attacker. Instead of a password hash being stored directly in the database, the information is used to encode a share in a Shamir Secret Store. Without recovering a threshold of shares, the attacker cannot crack passwords. The solution is fast, easy to implement (with C and Python implementations available), requires no changes to clients, and makes a huge difference in practice. For example, three random 6 character passwords that are stored using standard salted secure hash can be cracked by a laptop in an hour. With a PolyPassHash store, it would take every computer on the planet longer to crack these passwords than the universe is estimated to exist.

Submission + - Latest Humble Bundle Supports Open Source GameDev Tools (

lars_doucet writes: The latest Humble Weekly Bundle is titled "Celebrating Open Source" features eight indie games, with charity going to the open source tools used to develop them.

The open-source programming language Haxe is strongly represented: three of the charities include the Haxe Foundation itself, OpenFL (recently featured on Slashdot), and FlashDevelop, the most popular open-source Haxe/ActionScript IDE. The fourth is Ren'Py, the Python-based visual novel engine used in award-winning games like Long Live the Queen and Analogue: A Hate Story.

The games themselves are Magical Diary, NEO Scavenger, Offspring Fling!, Planet Stronghold, and for those who pay $6 or more, Anodyne, Defender's Quest, Evoland, and Incredipede, as well as 6 soundtracks.

7 of the 8 games are cross-platform across Mac/Win/Linux, and all are DRM-Free.

Submission + - Turkey banned YouTube today

An anonymous reader writes: A couple of minutes ago our fella dictator Erdolf decided to ban YouTube. No one here in Turkey is able to access YouTube anymore. News is full of references.

Submission + - MIT researchers bring Javascript to Google Glass (

colinneagle writes: Earlier this week, Brandyn White, a PhD candidate at the University of Maryland, and Scott Greenberg, a PhD candidate at MIT, led a workshop at the MIT Media Lab to showcase an open source project called WearScript, a Javascript environment that runs on Google Glass. White demonstrated how Glass's UI extends beyond its touchpad, winks, and head movements by adding a homemade eye tracker to Glass as an input device. The camera and controller were dissected from a $25 PC video camera and attached to the Glass frame with a 3D-printed mount. A few modifications were made, such as replacing the obtrusively bright LEDs with infrared LEDs, and a cable was added with a little soldering. The whole process takes about 15 minutes for someone with component soldering skills. With this eye tracker and a few lines of Wearscript, the researchers demonstrated a new interface by playing Super Mario on Google Glass with just eye movements.

Comment Re:Redefine hunting. (Score 1) 397

A completely agree with it. My comment was more to stress the "picnic" part, aka being efficient in the hunt. I was assuming a hunt more to the pleasure in hunting rather than efficiency in providing food. If the later is the case, the same limits about the quantity of hunted game would apply.
I apologize for the confusion in that case.

Comment Equal airtime from whom? (Score 1) 667

From a subspecies of H.Sapiens with a hig-sigma level of certainty to have difficulties in removing parentheses from an algebraic expression when there is a minus sign before the parenthesis? I do not think so.
Equal airtime from a subgrup of human society as a whole who are intelligent enough to use that same "equal" sign/notion between the words "trust" and "faith"? I don't think so.
Equal airtime from followers of a certain moral-set that basically boils down to a freedom for them to yell all day long near your ear while dismissing your freedom to not listen to them? I don't think so.
Have these degenerate life-forms read books such as "A Brief History of Time"? Or "The Particle at the End of the Universe"? Or "The Genome"? Can they understand what does the results of BICEP2 mean for human knowledge? I don't think so.

I don't mind them barking all day long. I only want them to do it within their own fucking playground. I for one do not give a single hair of my armpit to teach how the world works to people who willingly refuse to do it. Let them rot within the gooey mind-masturbation they chose to live. Just keep them off my own grass!

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