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Comment Re: Colorado sure has nice beaches (Score 0) 940

You sound too attached. I LEFT my 'home country' to get a better job. I don't give a shit about 'homeland' (whatever that is for you is a social construction anyway) and I'm better for it.

The only people who had homelands are native people's. Unless you're a native Indian shut up because your ancestors didn't give a shit. How do you think you are where you are now?

Comment Re: Technology can NOT eliminate work. (Score 1) 389

You can tell who hasn't watched 'Humans Need Not Apply' on YouTube. Creative jobs won't be our salvation.

1. To survive on creativity you need to be popular, can't do that if everybody is a creative type.
2. Automation is already allowing the manufacturing of art and music to be created without you noticing.

Seriously, check out that video.

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