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Comment CrashPlan Software (Score 4, Informative) 326


Unlimited backup for $5/mo to the cloud. FREE backup to other computers using their software which is cross platform on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I'd purchase an external HD(s), backup to it then get a friend to put it at their house. You can adopt the backup on their computer and then backup to their computer (FREE) and to your external HD(s) with their software automatically from your own computer.

Or you can just sync it to the cloud, but 8TB might take a while to get everything up there.

Comment Re:Reading these comments (Score 1) 1008

.... does he feel like Apple is making too much money and needs to return it to their employees at a higher rate?

Employees receive a wage for the work they deliver regardless of the profit of the company (with the obvious step function at insolvency). If the employee wants to share in the profit AND loss, then they're free to become shareholders.

Why is it that some employees feel like they should be better compensated when the company is profitable but have no interest in taking a pay cut when the company isn't profitable?

Comment Re:Seems odd (Score 1) 98

It seems you are implying Google somehow won't suffer such a problem... maybe because they don't hire top notch staff?

No, they have hundreds and a customer base to spread the costs of all those other items thinly enough to make sense. Having 3 datacenters and a full IT staff to support 1k odd people has to be justified and providing e-mail and document services can be done so cheaply it makes no sense to keep it in house.

In fact, that argument has been made so well that many large universities have moved to Google provided services. Providing e-mail is a commoddity business, so let the lowest cost provider do it.

Comment Re:Seems odd (Score 1) 98

Yes, all you need is a top-notch group of administrators with up-to-date skills to setup the system and monitor every security mailing list so that nothing leaks out. Plus routine maintinance, handling user requests, backup, recovery, and environment testing. Throw in their salaries along with datacenter floor space, power, and cooling on run-time costs not to mention depereciation and support on the hardware. Don't forget the additional staff time to document and track changes so that if someone leaves, dies, or is fired that the system can continue running.

This is a problem with many lines of work, not just IT and I deal with it daily: You cannot count on superman to do the job. Just because your current staff is top notch doesn't mean they'll still be there if another web boom happens. Then what?

We've gone through all this before. Your organization probably doesn't employ its own elevator or copier techs either.

Outsourcing commodity services, such as e-mail, saves serious money and provides better service.

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