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Submission + - Intel Confirms HDCP Encryption Key Leak (

Fumbili writes: Intel on Thursday confirmed that the encryption code posted recently on a content sharing Web site is the master HDCP key used to secure video content on devices with protected interfaces, such as HDMI.

Comment Re:No, but (Score 0) 249

Well a good amount of people already pay that for their Cell plan. I pay more than that for 2 tanks of gas every 2.5 weeks(20gal tank). My definition of "too much money" would be to subscribe to DishNetwork's Wide open satellite service for $999/mo because pushing the "buy" button for each PPV is a hassle.

Comment Re:Mattress! (Score 0) 345

You don't use shoe boxes, they're too obvious.

Think different!

Lets see...

How about those white igloo ice chests. One (or two) of those should be large enough for all your cash hoarding needs. Combined with other crap in the garage, nobody would look in it. Or create a false bottom in case they do. Or...hollowed-out books if you have a rather large bookshelf filled with books. Or a shop-vac is a great container that would still work with cash in it...wrapped tightly in plastic bags of course.

Comment Re:Outing the update (Score 0) 429

That's a lingering effect of homophobia. Like racism, it's harder to completely remove than it first appears.

Racism card eh? So my lack of knowledge and understanding is the reason why I find a hairy mans ass repulsive instead of "MMmmmm Yummy!"?

Comment Re:This cocking around is stupid... (Score 0) 283

Or converting gas stations to have a nice 200W 20Amp at every pump. Not this crap.

Charging would take too long. A better idea is to have easily removable battery pack(s) and fully charged refills at each gas station. This would be as simple as changing out the battery on a cordless drill...just a larger scale.

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