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Comment Re:Underestimated for Australia (Score 1) 317

I haven't got my bill in front on me at the moment, but using iSelect I see AGL rates that look close to mine
Peak 51.128 cents kWh
OffPeak 10.758 cents kWh
Shoulder 19.657 cents kWh

Note: In Australia if you have a house, then you would normally use a clothes line instead of a dryer. If I have to ese the dryer then I do it after 10PM so it's offpeak.

I'm currently getting around 28 cents kWh back from my 2.5 kW solar panel setup. Unfortunately next year that will drop down to 6 cents a kW I think.

Comment Re:W3C Standards (Score 1) 319

A lot of web developers are going to be very angry about this. They said there was going to be a 3rd Beta before RC1. RC1 wasn't to be expected before the Mix conference that MS has. Also originally IE9 was meant to be using the new Triton engine instead of being based on the Trident engine that started in IE3 and is in all the other ones since then. It looks like that isn't true anymore. Some more details about IE8 and IE9 here

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