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Comment Re:This is what I've been waiting for (Score 1) 72

If someone really came up with better input devices, the pro computer gamers would be using them. As for user interfaces, Starcraft players seem to manage very many actions per second. So the challenge is to create a user interface that's friendly and usable to "noobs" but also able to augment pros/experts to their limits. Most recent UIs seem to emphasize friendly and usable to "new users", but they neglect the case where some of those new users don't mind taking the trouble to learn to do things very very much faster.

current games are designed around KB mouse input, the kinect stuff is programmed to take advantage of the hardware. give it time.


Woman Develops Peanut Allergy After Lung Transplant 146

An anonymous reader writes "A woman in need of a lung transplant got her new lungs from someone with a peanut allergy who died of anaphylactic shock. Seven months after the surgery, the woman was at an organ transplant support group when she ate a peanut butter cookie and had a violent allergic reaction. So how had the woman's new lungs brought along a peanut allergy? A blog post dives into the medical details and explains that immune cells in the donated lungs couldn't have lived in the new body for long enough to cause the reaction... however, if they encountered an allergen (i.e. something peanuty) shortly after being transplanted, they could have trained the woman's native immune cells to respond."

Submission + - Google Voice Apps For Android And Blackberry Here! (

Mark Mathson writes: "Two Google Voice apps are being released tomorrow morning, for Blackberry and Android phones. The Android app is the most complete and takes over the native dialer, address book and call log. Users won't be bothered with accidentally dialing numbers through the device phone number. The Blackberry app is less integrated, accessing only the native address book, and uses its own dialer. Users can't simply go into the call log and return missed calls. They need to go back to the address book and select Google Voice to make the call. Still, it solves a big problem. The apps also allow users to access the core features of Google Voice. Listen to/read voicemails and text messages (all voicemails are automatically transcribed as well), access call history, send SMS messages and place international calls at low rates. (via TechCrunch)"

Submission + - EBay/Paypal Reports Blog To FBI Over Sceenshot ( 1

LoLo writes: "In January of 2008 I posted a blog entry about a Paypal phishing email I had received. In that blog entry I included a screenshot of the email. Today, I got an interesting email forwarded to me by my hosting provider... "Should you have any accurate information that could assist PayPal and law enforcement in tracking this individual, we greatly appreciate your assistance, as we know that you do not condone the use of your services for such criminal purposes... Finally, please be advised that we have referred this issue to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their investigation. The F.B.I. has requested that we convey to you in this message their request that you preserve for 90 days all records relating to this web site, including all associated accounts, computer logs..." Nerd rage only allowed for one response: I told them to piss off."
United States

Submission + - Losing your home due to a digital map glitch?!! (

Steve McGough writes: "Carolina Beach, NC is a wonderful place to live. Unfortunately the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USF&WS) made several errors converting old maps to digital format. The resulting glitches may cause many people to have their mortgages invalidated as a result. How would you like to lose your home due to a glitch? This is from the Town of Carolina Beach, NC Web site: "Some of the new digital lines demarking CBRS units inadvertently dissect houses, piers, and other structures in Carolina Beach (click here for map which shows in yellow the affected properties).Because these new lines will be the legal boundaries of CBRS if adopted by Congress, it may severely jeopardize your opportunity to continue or to have Federal Flood Insurance on your improved or yet to be improved property. Should you have any questions or require more information, please contact the Planning Dept. at 910-458-2978. The public comment period has been extended until August 5, 2009. The Town urges you to contact the agencies and representatives listed below to voice your opposition to these proposed but flawed CBRS Maps." You can visit the site here:"
The Courts

Submission + - Judge Rules RIAA Revenues Not Secret (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "The judge has rejected the RIAA's attempt to keep its revenues secret, in SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum. The brief order entered by the Court stated that '[w]ith respect to the revenue figures, the Court does not comprehend how disclosure would impair the Plaintiffs' competitive business prospects when three of the four biggest record labels in the world — Warner Bros. Records, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, and UMG Recording, Inc. — are participating jointly in this lawsuit and, presumably, would have joint access to this information'. The Court had previously ordered the plaintiffs to produce the revenue information as 'information related to the fair use analysis under 17 U.S.C. 107(4) (requiring consideration of 'the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work')'. The information required to be disclosed consists of 'yearly estimates, beginning in 1999, of the revenues generated by their copyrights in the specific songs for which they intend to prove infringement at trial...separat[ing] physical and digital music sales and ... provid[ing] Defendant with a description of the methodology used to arrive at these figures.'"

Submission + - Bank of America Now Financing the Tesla Roadster

MojoRilla writes: Now for just $30,237 down you can own a Tesla Roadster, thanks to an innovative new Bank of America financing program. The Roadster is perhaps the biggest green geek magnet on the planet (or at lest runs with one under the hood), does 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, and gets you thumbs up from Prius drivers and cops. Now if they could only make it affordable for the rest of us.

Submission + - Israel Accused Of Boosting Gaza Sex Drive (

An anonymous reader writes: I just cant help but share the most hilarious thing I have ever read online!

Hamas suspects that Israeli intelligence services are supplying its Gaza Strip stronghold with chewing gum that boosts the sex drive.
Whats more yahoo posts it.

hubba hubba gum.


Submission + - Rob Weir Vs. Gary Edwards: Who Lost Massachusetts? (

Michael_Curator writes: ""With or without Microsoft's cooperation, to be successfully implemented, ODF had to overcome the barriers of compatibility with existing MSOffice productivity environments... This is the primary reason ODF failed in Massachusetts," writes Gary Edwards. "Your statement is nonsense," Rob Weir fires back, in the comments to a post on whether Microsoft ratted itself out of Office."

The Ultimate "Doll House" For WoW Players 44

BoyIHateMicrosoft! writes "A friend of mine sent me this link today about a group of MIT students who have created something called a WoWPod. It's like a playhouse for WoW players. It has everything from Refreshing Spring Water, to food (Like Crunchy Spider Surprise of course!) to a toilet and of course the appropriate gaming gear."

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