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Journal Journal: Boing!

Been a while since I've posted anything. That is all.
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Journal Journal: Troll modding 1

My whore account seems to be getting a steady supply of mod points now. It appears to get moderator status every Wednesday. Weird.

Unfortunately, because of the two post shite, I couldn't target any one troll for up-mods (nobody trolls when logged in any more) so I had to mod five trolls up by one point each. Share the wealth and all that.
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Journal Journal: Troll movement dying? 5

It all seems to be disappearing. is gone, people are leaving slushdot and we can only post two a day.

This isn't right at all.
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Journal Journal: Fucknut 2


3 day ban in progress. I wonder if I can still post here.
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Journal Journal: Banned 2

10 posts as AC and I can't post any more. I hope I can still post in the journal.

On a brighter note, I had two FPs in a row, both linking to the petition. Once as "end_the_two_post_ban" and one as AC (didn't get time to log in as ettpb).
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Journal Journal: If you can't beat them, piss them off some other way 2

So the ban has stopped me posting shit all over the place. My reaction is to work even more with my karma whore account (and create a second) to mod all troll posts back up (I've done five today in this article) and metamod any non-troll-friendly mods as "unfair". That's 99% of all mods, but hopefully this will change.

Example: Some "interesting" and "Insightful" posts

So every day I'm negating 10 moderations, and every now and then I'm increasing trolls karma. This will double with my second karma whore account.

Also, there may be something big brewing on the horizon, and I'm not talking about a Turd Report. :)

One last thing. I found this obvious homosexual outcry from Taco: "My box, running w/ Hemos' hard drive and RAM"
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Journal Journal: Grrr 3

Sometimes I go home for lunch just to get away from the office and chill out for a bit. What's the point if the ex is at home and the atmosphere is hostile and shitty? There is no point. It just wastes time. I could've been here helping to build up my flexi, but nooooo.

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