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Comment Re:Silk was used in a simlar way (Score 3, Funny) 213

The Huns wore silk to protect themselves in battle. There were no bullets back then, just arrows and blades. While the arrows could still penetrate the flesh, they often did not cut through the silk which made it easier to remove the arrows and stem the bleeding. BTW, like tee-shirts, silk is imprintable -- "We're on the run, we're lotta fun, we are the Huns!"

Yes, that's actually true! They also wore silk scarves to prevent neck chops, because "there can be only Huns!"

Comment Re:Not *slightly* altered (Score 1) 159

My personal opinion is that this is a face-saving law. The new law is 99.9% inapplicable in practice. There is just no way thousands of people can go through the court system every month as is the government's plan. Plus people are *very* likely to put up a good fight, like they have done everywhere. There are no possible settlement.

As I understand it, the plan is to use the same expedited process as for parking or speeding tickets, which has little trouble dealing with thousands of violations each month. In that regard, IP logs might be admitted in the same way as photographic evidence from speed-trap cameras.

United States

Submission + - Is America still free?

chameleon3 writes: Slashdotters are wont to bemoan the slow erosion of personal freedoms in the United States, and I am not inclined to disagree. My question is: how will you know that America is no longer the Land of the Free? What event would be necessary for you to declare Freedom officially dead in America? Or, if you believe it has already occurred, what event caused it?
User Journal

Journal Journal: Software announcements (or: how to irritate JD) 3

Yes, back to the grumbling again. I do not enjoy this. If I could write about stuff I liked, I would vastly prefer it. However, that will have to wait until there's stuff I like happening.

Submission + - Decline In Pet Ownership Because Of Videogames

Gerard Fuller writes: "A new study by the Australian Veterinary Association claims that children are increasingly choosing computer games over pets, and that this is a major factor in the decline of pet ownership.

But can't pet simulators offer all the good lessons of owning a pet (caring for an animal, discipline) without the drawbacks (poo on the sofa, barking and howling at 3am)?

Fortunately the study also identifies the trend toward medium-density living as a major factor in the findings. See, games aren't all bad."

Submission + - Contact Information Management

nnkx00 writes: Between all my peripherals and all my applications (across more than one operating system), I have a lot of places I need to keep various contact information. Unfortunately, its currently spread across all the aforementioned devices and locations. I'm looking to consolidate. How do you guys and gals keep your contact data up-to-date?
Linux Business

Submission + - HP Sees Huge Linux Desktop Deals

Anonymous writes: With all the talk about Dell and desktop Linux, HP has quietly been cutting some deals to provide "multi-thousands" of Linux-installed desktops, and, according to CRN, is suggesting factory-loaded Linux PCs are getting closer by the day.

Submission + - What Bosses should know: software requirements

Esther Schindler writes: " asked developers to name the ONE thing that they wished the CIO understood about software requirements. The summary is several pages long, but it pulls no punches: from the role of requirements, to defining who creates the requirements (and in how much detail), to the need to shake the boss to get him to understand that requirements change, to paying attention to the process. It's all here, in Five Things CIOs Should Know About Software Requirements, with a few dozen developer's voices loud and clear. For instance, one developer comments, "The CIO has to realize that if there is no bad news, there is something very wrong. Smiling people nodding 'Yes' in meetings is not a sign of great intelligence at work.""

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