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The Internet

Submission + - FCC Releases Measuring Broadband America Study (

Frozen-Solid writes: Earlier this year the FCC, with the help of SamKnows, deployed 1,000 white boxes to volunteers across the US to measure broadband speed and reliability. Today they released the results of that study.

From the article: "MEASURING BROADBAND AMERICA presents the results of the first nationwide performance study of residential wireline broadband service in the United States. The study examined service offerings from 13 of the largest wireline broadband providers using automated, direct measurements of broadband performance delivered to the homes of thousands of volunteers during March 2011."


Submission + - Microsoft Patent Filings Reveal Touch Gestures (

MojoKid writes: "Last month, Microsoft posted a video showcasing some new UI elements in Windows 8 that were also clearly geared for tablets. In the past few days, news has broken regarding a handful of Microsoft patent filings describing a number of touch and stylus gesture inputs. The type of gestures includes Stamp Gestures, Brush, Carbon-Copy, and Fill Gestures, Edge Gestures, and Cross-Reference Gestures, which could be used to link objects. It's no surprise that Microsoft plans to make a serious push into the tablet space when it launches Windows 8."

Comment Re:Nintendo :negative: (Score 1) 458

Yeah it's the DS, my bad. Not going to bother with a USB adapter because it's not that big of a deal to me. WEP is "good enough" since there are 4-5 truly unsecured network connections in my apartment complex for people to screw with. Low hanging fruit and all. Why bother cracking WEP when you can just connect to a network named "Linksys" and have fun. Odds are the latter will have more things to play with once inside.

Comment Re:Solution: Use a different DNS server (Score 5, Informative) 379

This doesn't work. I'm on Mediacom and use Google DNS. None the less if I type in rather than being served a proper 404 I get forwarded to Mediacom's private search engine. They're using deep packet inspection to hijack any default apache or iis 404 response from a website and redirect it to themselves. Level3 DNS, Google DNS, and Open DNS all work to fix the issue of my failed DNS queries being hijacked, but it doesn't fix 404s.

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