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Comment Re:Was I the only one? (Score 2) 109

Nope, I always thought of them as extremely sleazy despite having zero corroboration. My brother buys from them all the time, the stuff comes in a very timely fashion and exactly as represented. One time, about 5 years ago, I even broke down and ordered a 500 watt modular power supply with 2 lighted fans and a bluish chrome finish for 20 bucks. I was sure there was a catch to this deal. Absolutely positive. A couple days later the power supply came, and it was super nice quality. It came with so many modular cords that I didn't even use half of them, and the cords were super nice quality as well: wires wrapped in a tube of cross stitch metal shielding, sealed in a colored translucent rubber tube. Bottom line, I got a power supply that would have cost over twice as much on sale anywhere else, that has been running nearly 24/7 for over 5 years now.

I never ordered anything from them again, because for some reason I just could never shake the shady feeling I get from them.

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