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Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 325

Yeah seriously, why doesnt this idea come up more often?
Why cant browsers just function like any other media player and use already installed system codecs?
Or if you really want it to be noob friendly why not include libavcodec or something and use that instead of having to pick one codec?

Comment Re:Kindle v. iPad (Score 1) 297

I wouldn't be surprised if iPad e-books cost even more than on Kindle, since they're higher resolution and in color.

eBooks are not images, they are text. They dont have resolution in that sense.
iBooks is supposedly going to be selling ebooks in the ePub format which is just html/css in a zip container.
I suppose cover images might be higher resolution but i doubt it, the iPad is only 1024x768 to the Kindle's 800x600 or the Kindle DX's 1200x824.

Having said that I too would not be surprised if iBooks was more expensive than Amazon ;)

Comment Re:Not very well (Score 1) 111

Have your MySQL servers instead of PHP do some calculations in queries (hashes, query-related math, etc) usually doesn't hurt since you're generally offloading CPU-intensive operations to a disk-bound machine.

Interestingly in the presentation he said they actually do the opposite of that, things like md5 hashes are done in the application rather than on the DB because its much easier to scale up the number of web servers

Comment Re:Were nerds here... use the f'ing metric system (Score 1) 472

Fahrenheit just makes more sense to most of us. 30s = cold, 40s = chilly, 50s = cool, 60s = decent/might need a windbreaker, 70s = nice, 80s = warm, 90s = hot, etc, etc. Celsius is no where near that intuitive and was as arbitrarily defined as Fahrenheit was.

No it makes more sense to Americans (being one of the very few countries left still using Fahrenheit) because they were brought up with it.

How is 30s = cold, 40s = chilly etc any more intuitive than 0-10 = cold, 10-20 = chilly etc? Thats a ridiculous argument.

People used to using Fahrenheit find Celsius unintuitive.
People used to using Celsius find using Fahrenheit unintuitive.

My parents were brought up using Fahrenheit but the UK switched to celsius in the 70's, they occasionally still give temperatures in Fahrenheit but for the most part use celsius, its not that hard to adapt really.

Considering the rest of the world uses Celsius don't you think it might be sensible for the US to switch too? :P

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