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Comment Re:The Article Is Right... And Wrong (Score 1) 444

It should probably be called NoMysql instead of NoSQL...

Here are some good posts. Seems NoSQL is just the new xml. Sure, great for some things, but not really worth the hype...

Comment Bing is ok (Score 1) 406

I see no problem with bing, it is actually quite good.
Used it because it was the default in windows 7 at least.

Bing maps also was much better for my town (the aerial views). They apparently used Navtec data which was superior to googles blurry views.

Luckily it's easy to use whatever search engine you like, no costs in changing between them or using both or whatever.

I normally use Google because bing search doesn't offer anything better, just out of habit I guess.

Comment Re:Do not want!! (Score 1) 183

Speaking of Forza 2. It's a great game but the physics seem a little lacking with some cars. They just skid all over the place like on ice. Even with traction control etc. Anybody can explain this?
I doubt Forza 3 will correct this, they seem to have concentrated on graphics and track/car amounts.
Don't get me wrong, still a great game.

Comment Re:Mind the gap! (Score 1) 642

Yes well if you believe exponential growth is sustainable for ever...
By the time we have the technology and will to colonize multiple planets the people will have "degenerated" to the western breeding rate and the birthrate will be negative.
I don' think anybody would care to ship of the starving masses of the world to other planets, they can continue to die where they are doing it today.

Comment Re:Video support seems excellent (Score 2, Interesting) 436

A quick addition: Right clicking on the video offers a link "save video". How neat is that?
I know again that companies DRM-crap and 100+ years copyrighted PROPERTY won't be pleased with this, but so what. Youtube, vimeo are full of amateur videos etc that would benefit from this.
And again from a users perspective this option is a godsend. Shame that the copyright-craze has gone too far :(


Tales From the Support Crypt 855

An anonymous reader writes "Talking viruses, infected physical devices, and lights that go out are some of the 'problems' Panda Security's tech support service has had to face. Many of them were not a result of computer viruses, but of confused users. This proves once again, that antivirus manufacturers must make a special effort to increase user knowledge regarding computer security and malware effects." For anyone who's been on the receiving end of such questions, now's a good time to tell your cathartic tale.

Comment Just say NO, bought a Zen (Score 2, Interesting) 453

I must say that I bought a creative zen because I hate using ipods. You can't just copy files over to them and back to your computer. Oh no no, you must use itunes and authorize machines etc., and if you screw up there goes your collection.
Of course the zen isn't as "sexy" as the ipod, but SFW? It's in my pocket playing music, and astonishingly it works! And I can freely copy music here and there, and share with friends (which is legal where I live, thank you very much cd/dcd/mp3 player taxes).


A Third of Mars Could Have Been Underwater 167

Matt_dk writes "An international team of scientists who analyzed data from the Gamma Ray Spectrometer onboard NASA's Mars Odyssey reports new evidence for the controversial idea that oceans once covered about a third of ancient Mars. 'We compared Gamma Ray Spectrometer data on potassium, thorium and iron above and below a shoreline believed to mark an ancient ocean that covered a third of Mars' surface, and an inner shoreline believed to mark a younger, smaller ocean.'"

Google Opens Up Android Codebase 204

rsk writes "It's official: Google has Open Sourced Android. The source code can be downloaded from Android's Git repository. Bugs are handled at the Google Code Android project page with documentation being handled by a collection of Google Site pages. One of the more interesting aspects of Android seems to be the seemingly Eclipse Foundation-like organization of the project, welcoming both Individual and Commercial developers into the Android development pot. One of the benefits of this arrangement is securing the existence of the project by involving commercial interests and their money in the process ... this is also one of the downsides; having commercial entities charter and lead features of a platform that their own commercial offerings provide 'enhanced' versions of, sometimes leaving the free offering always lacking in one obvious way or another. It's hard to say at this point how involved Google will be in this process, or the Open Handset Alliance in general, with managing the health of sub-projects under the Android umbrella as time goes on."
Portables (Apple)

Doing the Math On the New MacBook 783

Technologizer writes "Apple's new MacBook is a significantly different machine than its predecessor — a slicker laptop at a higher price point. But does it carry a large price premium over similar Windows PCs? I did a painstaking spec-by-spec comparison versus three roughly comparably-configured Windows machines, and came to the conclusion that the value it offers for price paid is not out of whack with the Windows world." The article uses the phrase "Mac tax," which one commenter points out is a recent Microsoft marketing canard.

British MoD Stunned By Massive Data Loss 166

Master of Transhuman writes "Seems like nobody can keep their data under wraps these days. On the heels of the World Bank piece about massive penetrations of their servers, the British Ministry of Defense has lost a hard drive with the personal details of 100,000 serving personnel in the British armed forces, and perhaps another 600,000 applicants. This comes on the heels of the MoD losing 658 of its laptops over the past four years and 26 flash drives holding confidential information. Apparently the MoD outsources this stuff to EDS, which is under fire for not being able to confirm that the data was or was not encrypted."

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