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Comment The REAL problem (Score 1) 750

The real problem is not known yet, so if it turns out that Toyota has an electronical problem that hasn't been identified yet, then you'll still be susceptible of going Mach 10 into a random object. I'd either not drive much or get rid of my recalled vehicle in the interest of self preservation.

Comment Best Buy (Score 3, Informative) 504

Ha!... they charge 40 bucks to clean up the startup, great... This might actual put Best Buy in the running for the most corrupt company in existence. Best Buy is going to have a hard time passing up Jiffy Lube for most corrupt company in 2010. Perhaps they should also tack on another 100 dollar charge to help carry it out to your car, they could totally market it as a "zero shock pc transport service"... that's sure to screw with the general public... throw in some more big words and act like they are doing us a service. Jiffy Lube look out!! your not the only ones that are screwing people mercilessly. "No,... just the cheapest oil change you got... No.. sir... sir... no.. I already have wiper blades... sir... SIR, no... sir listen.. I don't want the manufacturer's suggested monthly screwing, just the oil change."

Submission + - Missouri Car Dealer to Give away AK-47's?! (

Frizbie writes: Max Motors in Butler Missouri is giving away free AK-47 Assault Rifles with Purchase of a new Truck. The promotion starts the beginning of August. CNN did video of the promotion and can be seen at. The video shows Mark Muller being interviewed by CNN news, it was clear that the woman was taking a very strong stand against what Muller had to say, however it seems to have backfired pretty heavy. Very funny. also at This is crazy.

Comment Those that don't understand (Score 1) 821

I love how it says that the main problem people had with Vista is that it is "slow". No one seems to understand the massive hardware requirement leaps that moving forward involves. That's as stupid as going from your 500Mhz System with 128 Meg Ram running windows 98 then upgrading to XP. "OMG XP is SOO SLOW, this is garbage /complain /complain"

My Quad Core system with 4 Gig's of Ram running windows Vista flat flys. I also hate the fact that people say:

"you shouldn't have to buy high end hardware to run a simple desktop operating system."

The reality of the situation is that a midrange quad core processor is around a $150-$250 and 4 Gig of Ram will set you back all of $99 ...

"Whoa!!! spending 500 dollars for a computer?! that's outrageous."

Well no fucking wonder your $99 piece of shit that you got used at a garage sale runs vista so slllloowwww /sob

Oh and btw it's not the community's fault that you spent $500 on a retail system at wal-mart or best buy that has retardidly low system spec's and is over priced. So don't argue that either.

Retail PC market is just like the Automotive Dealership... You know what youâ(TM)re doing your fine... You don't... Youâ(TM)re fucked.

Do your research or find a friend/someone that can help you... otherwise bend over and be ready to take it.

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