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Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

I agree 100%

Consumer awareness is the paramount issue here and as long as a consumer is asking for information, then it should be legally required. I have personally been struggling for years with the FDA with similar requirements. I have always been concerned that fruits and vegetables harvested during full moons is potentially more dangerous if consumed in excess.

I have yet to come up with conclusive evidence of how the lunar cycle affects produce harvests, but neither have the deniers decidedly refuted the theory. In fact, "scientists" whom I have asked about the theory have explicitly stated that my request to prove a negative condition is a logical impossibility. This only serves as evidence to me that we will never be able to be certain about our produce health.

The only reasonable conclusion is that it should be left up to informed consumers. If it is true that the lunar phase has no effect on the food, then food manufactures should have no reason to avoid this labeling proposal. Please join me in the fight and sign the petition.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 144

Bathrooms are generally "locked" prior to take-off. But the "lock" is really not a security mechanism and anyone that has paid attention to the procedures when your flight hits 10,000 feet would know how to open them anyway. So, if you're stealthy enough, you could unlock the bathroom and duck in. It wouldn't be checked until somebody went to get in the bathroom after the flight hits 10,000 feet.

Comment Re:Testla is good... (Score 1) 452

Your attempt to put a false balance between the costs of these various technologies is more than a little bit of a reach. The windmill/bird death thing is pretty much a myth.

The materials used in solar panels are constantly changing with new technology. Any "strip mining" that occurs is because some of the materials are imported from China. There is no technical reason that this couldn't be done in a much more sustainable way, and there are new operations spinning up in California that plan on mining the materials locally.

If a dam blocks a river, then somebody built it wrong.

Comment Re:Testla is good... (Score 3, Insightful) 452

This is true, but the amount of coal energy production has been consistently declining and renewable energy production rising for a number of years. The fact of the matter is that electricity can be generated in numerous ways, using an electric car gives (at least in some sense) a choice of where the energy comes from and therefore leaves open the door to improvements. Fossil fuel cars will always be powered by fossil fuels.

Comment Re:Perfect example of intelligent ignorance (Score 1) 452

The "experts" who truly understand energy production and distribution are those who work in the energy industry, not academics or political hacks pushing an agenda.

Are you honestly suggesting that the people working for (and being paid by) the energy industry are the ones you can trust, and that the academics are the ones with an agenda?

Comment Re:Definition of a cap (Score 1) 605

Why bother? Not only won't they enforce immigration laws, they outright sue state and town PDs who attempt to do so to force them to stop.


Arizona's S.B, 1070 might be a good place to start looking. The Feds argued before the Supreme Court that enforcing immigration laws was a Federal matter, and that States had no business trying to do so themselves.

The Feds mostly won, but lost on what was probably the most annoying aspect of the law ("your papers, please").

And several other States are having to go back to the drawing board to re-draft laws they want to put into place that would've mirrored the AZ law.

So your complaint is that an unconstitutional law was blocked. Even if I believe that this somehow increased the number of immigrants, we are talking about unskilled labor doing jobs you would probably consider yourself too good for.

Visas? Immigration? Meh, c'mon in, apply for welfare, and retire. Only those of us dumb enough to work for a living as natural born citizens have anything to complain about here.

How about this part? Show me the evidence of illegal immigrants getting welfare without being prosecuted.

Comment Re:Definition of a cap (Score 1) 605

It is a contributing factor to a convoluted system that makes it harder for Americans to get jobs and harms our economy. When a corporation can get an employee for a lower cost, they will do so. What is not taken into account is the costs that went into training that employee. These are skilled positions that we are talking about, so the employee would have needed college education. Now look at the cost of an education in the United States. Graduates here cannot afford to take a job for the same low pay as someone that had a government subsidized education, as exists in many other countries.

Another factor is the flow of money. People coming here for these jobs are not immigrants. The money that they make is largely flowing out of the country. It is hit by income tax, but once it flows out of the country it is gone. Money earned by a citizen is generally put back into the economy which benefits other business sectors. This is something that our representatives should consider. We don't have a one-world taxation system, therefore, we cannot have a truly level one-world employment system.

I could go on with more examples, but the underlying problem isn't the individuals coming here for the jobs, but the long tail effect that they have on the economy.

Comment Re:And? (Score 2) 268

Not even close. The HP Envy specs:
- CPU is Atom (Surface Pro is 3th generation i5)
- Resolution only 1366x768 (Surface Pro is 1920x1080)
- SSD only upto 64GB (Surface Pro is upto 128GB)

I am looking for a Surface Pro clone, more specifically a 16"+ laptop with 2560x1440 resolution, with touch and (a proper, precise, pressure sensitive) pen, and 250GB+ SSD, and i5 or better. If anyone knows of anything that has at least the resolution and pen, i'm grateful.

- CPU is Atom (Surface Pro is 3th generation i5)


I'm not going to correct you.
I just want Thirth to be a word.

Comment Re:The causality choices aren't mutually exclusive (Score 1) 174

It's also worth noting there could very well be no causality at all. It's certainly possible that certain personality traits could cause social anxiety and the drive to multiple forms of media.

In fact, I would hazard to guess that it is more likely both of these things are effects of an unidentified cause and not things that are causing one another.

Comment Re:Vodka is better (Score 1) 633

Sounds like you need better food.

Find a child that has never tasted beer, give them a sip of the best, most wonderful tasting beer you have ever had without telling them that it is beer or that it is a "cool" drink. I guarantee you that they will spit it out immediately because it has a taste closer to that of rancid deer piss then what they would think of as a nice refreshing beverage.

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