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Comment Re:Cars (Score 1) 267

The gear lever is pretty much a 'dumb hand' job, for the few of us left-handed Americans still using manual transmissions.

The more critical part - the clutch pedal, is operated by the left foot, and this is a place where finesse and fine control pays off.

What I have observed is that lefties are more adaptable due to being constantly forced to use their 'dumb hand' for things designed for the right-handed majority.

And some righties are terminally right-handed, and do stupid things like leaning half out of the car so they can operate the drive-up ATM with their right hand, tossing coins at toll baskets with their right hand and missing, and, of course, complaining about QWERTY keyboards.

Comment Re:Games (Score 1) 267

Even more fun - mapping things to a ambidextrous left-side trackball. Especially software that assumes everyone has a mouse-wheel so there is no need to make the zoom in/out or whatever function re-mappable.

My biggest recent rant was at Skyrim. It shipped with no way to remap controls to the number pad, apparently it never occurred to them that people would want to use all of their keyboard.

(Happily a modder posted a fix for that little oversight.)

Comment I am the Reader, I speak for the Books! (Score 1) 265

First thing: I LOVED Dr. Suess. The Good Doctor was my first favorite author, and a joy i shared with my children. Reading Suess to them, and later with them, introduced them to the joy of books, and the playfulness with language that has influenced several generations.

Ever since Mr. Geisel shuffled off to join the Literary Review Eternal the various parasites have been usurping his work for short term gain, primarily in a series of really bad movies. (Often as ego vehicles for comedians.)

Once again they have managed to suck the life out of a Suess story, put a bunch of stars into the cast, and get lots and lots of critical Merchandise Tie Ins and Synergistic Marketing. So Mazda managed to be the high bidder on this one? They must be desperate to sell more kiddie movers. (Here's a hint guys... when chasing the Greener Than Thou crowd it might be best to tone down the 'zoom zoom' a bit.) Good for them.

I am expecting the movie to suck as much as the 'Austin Powers Cat In The Shagging Hat' and 'The Mask Plays Grinchmas'. But it will sell Fast Food Meals and Mazda KIddie Movers and Stuff Guilty Parents Buy. And later a bunch of DVDs/Bluerays/whatever comes next, so that instead of being reading 'The Lorax' with our kids we can just put it on the vid player and go back to ignoring the little rug rats.

So it goes...

Comment Ever since I was a young boy, I played that silver (Score 1) 82

Pinball remains my favorite arcade game. There is just so much satisfaction in dealing with the elegant and complex physics engine that manages the movement of that silver ball, coupled with really excellent, lag-free, glitch-free graphics. Hard to believe that the physics have been in place since the vacuum tube era, when relays and solenoids managed the logic and tracked the score.

Comment Re:Be Sure to Clarify to Him/Her... (Score 1) 254

The only thing that extending copyright past death + 5 years (max) does is protect an industry that actually creates produces nothing. Especially with distribution channels with nearly zero cost.

First - US copyright laws will keep extending the 'after death of creator' time so that The Mouse(tm) will NEVER enter public domain (unless the owners of That Damned Rodent are foolish or impoverished enough that they can no longer afford any Senators).

The SOPA/PIPA laws were never designed to insure that artists and creators are justly compensated... just look at who is bankrolling them: the mass media distribution companies that have made a science out of cheating artists and creators out of the profits.

SOPA/PIPA is an attempt to head off the disintermediation that threatens to allow us to buy our music, movies and books directly from the creators, or via more efficient channels where the cost of product more accurately reflects the distribution plus royalties cost, and minus the many, many lawyers, accountants and various suits that are part of the overhead of the old media empires.

I cannot blame the parasitic classes in Old Tyme Big Media from trying to hold on to their slice of the pie (actually, most of the damned pie, leaving a few crumbs for most artists), as who wants to voluntarily jump off the gravy train?
(is that enough mixed metaphors?)

Now for the mandatory car analogy -
If a Hundred and Ten Years Ago the Farriers, Harness-makers, Wainwrights and Others in the Horse and Buggy industry had asked Congress to make it a crime to allow anyone to use a "Horseless Carriage' on the public roads, and that any town that contained a Horseless Carriage be cut off from the public road networks.

Hows that for an analogy?

Comment Re:Police seeking ID is an unreasonable search (Score 2) 349

Bullshit. you are a criminal. look hard enough, you have broken some law, somewhere, sometime. Or you will.
There are too many laws to avoid this.

And since your DNA is conveniently on file they will be able to match it up and find you.

Bottom line... Interpol represents police interests, and police would love universal fingerprint and dna databases, automated torture devices, the elimination of defense attorneys and no complex 'rules of evidence'.

Because who doesn't like cutting corners to make their job easier?

Now if we can implant these Identichips and include gps and transponders ... even better.

Add a remote-triggered stunner / agonizer and it is a Jackbooted Thug's wet dream.

Comment Re:Criminal Activity is IMPORTANT!!! (Score 1) 349

Because military snipers might not be eager to murder innocent civilians who are just trying to get from a country that sucks a lot into a country that sucks less?

Wouldn't it be easier, and cheaper, to just make your country suck so much that you need to put up a wall to keep people from leaving?

After all, It worked for the GDR..

Comment Re:No it's not. (Score 1) 341

And if they don't manage to get it right, not to despair, because there is a top-secret project that has a bunch of old school COBOL, Fortran and Assembly Language Programmers cyropreserved until the year 9998 so they can save the world. Again.

PC Games (Games)

Blizzard vs. Glider Battle Resumes Next Week 384

trawg writes "You paid for it, you have the DVD in your drive and the box on the floor next to your desk, but do you own the game? That's the question the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will rule on next week in the case between Blizzard, publisher of World of Warcraft, and MDY, publisher of the Glider bot. The Glider bot plays World of Warcraft for you, but Blizzard frowns on this, saying it voids the license agreement — you don't own the game, you only have a license to use it, and bots like Glider invalidate the license. The EFF has a good summary of the case as well. The case is due to be resumed on Monday."

Comment Re:you should not be surprised by this (Score 2, Insightful) 154

Yes... and even if geeks and privacy fans manage to avoid being in the particular set of data, who cares... there are plenty of folks (one borne every minute) who have happily posted lots of stuff on FB, etc... It's a gold-mine of demographic data, only an idiot (or someone with ethics) would pass up the chance to use that data to Make Money Fast.

Time to Update Barnum's Philosophy for the 21st Century: 'It is morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep their money or their privacy'

Comment Re:"Clever" headlines impress only other writers (Score 1) 192

But some of them are informative -and- funny.

Like the NY Post Sports Page headline "Marv Gets Pink Slip".

If you were likely to look at the NY Post sports section on that day, you would know who Marv (Albert) is, and would get the joke.
And the article really was about how sportscaster Marv Albert had been fired from his TV job because of a sex scandal.

And for the Europhiles:

Yes, in France or another enlightened country the kinky sex would have been no big deal. Or possibly even increased his ratings. But he wasn't in France.

Comment Re:Where's it going? (Score 2, Funny) 138

Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Climate Change, Wars, Plaques, vanishing bees and the possibility that George Lucas might make another movie? All of these are signs that the 4 Horseman are saddling up and getting ready for a ride.

So "away" is good enough for me.

Hopefully to a planet that was not colonized by the Golgafrincham B Ark.

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