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Comment My view (Score 0) 1015

I believe an advanced alien race capable of harnessing the enormous amounts of energy required for space travel already has the capability of transforming widely available matter into energy, and terraforming dead planets, thus have no real need of our planet.

The worst can happen is they make Earth into some kind of zoo, complete with a big cage.

Comment Re:Who exactly is fighting back? (Score 0) 641

No one goes into the field expecting to make a lot of money

Even a meager application of Occam's razor [] should make it immediately clear that the people accusing the climate science community of scaremongering/profiteering are themselves some of the most aggressive profiteers the world has ever known: the fossil fuel industry. (There's nothing wrong with making a profit, but there is something very wrong with stifling competition.)

So I suppose the wet dream of every government, justification to introduce new and newer taxes for the betterment of mankind, does not involve good money for global warming advocates eh?

Comment Re:Gotta love... (Score 0) 1131

Now we expect the same of all these random goat herders, but they don't want to drop their farm and start working in a cubicle and watching comedy central. This isn't the only reason for terrorism, but its something to ponder anyway.

Funny thing is, I don't see people from any non-muslim country with a newfound wealth going around killing jews and christians.
In fact, most terrorists with access to non-rudimentary weapons come from very wealthy families and tend to be well-educated.

My other thought as soon as I read the summary is, "You idiots. They did this to illustrate how stupid it is to get up in arms over a mere image. The fact that you took the bait and threatened actual violence against the South Park creators shows how backwards and moronic your whole life is. You have failed epically."

I'm pretty sure the irony is lost on them.

Comment Re:Gotta love... (Score 1, Funny) 1131

Yeah, one incident by an insane christian totally justifies the 2000+ annual body count and the immeasurable injustice of islam. After all, religions are equally evil right? I mean who DOESN'T beat his seven wives on a daily basis, cut off the clitoris of his little daughter or gather weekly for the jew, gay and heretic hunting?

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go kill my sister, I heard she has a boyfriend. And she wears trousers.

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