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Comment Failbook is in bed with M$ (Score 0) 201

What? For agreeing with you that Failbook is similar to M$ in terms of privacy? Fact : Failbook is in bed with M$.
Fact : M$ also owns the data on Failbook

Fact : Failbook is attacking software developers using imaginary property laws to give M$ a bigger monopoly. All paid for by Failbook l-users

That is the tip of the iceberg for the partnership between Failbook and M$. The FTC needs to investigate the whole deal between M$ and Failbook, revoke corporate charters, then shutdown both Failbook and M$ for numerous privacy violations and for abusing a monopoly. Even non users must deal with less privacy due t0 M$ and Failbook.

Comment Re:you can't trust 3rd parties with private info (Score -1, Troll) 201

You hit the nail on the head. Failbook is in bed with M$. So much so that Failbook was nearly aquired. M$ even addmitted that Failbook is similar to M$ back in the day. Even though it didn't go through M$ still invested $240 billin to Failbook. Is it any wonder M$ addicts trust Failbook so much they will not only use it but also stand by Failbook's side similar to a battered wife does with her abusive husband.

Comment Google not the same as M$ (Score 1) 202

This sound like Microsoft's strategy all over again. Anyway you cut it a single platform ecosystem is ugly, as it just lets another monopoly.

New boss same as the old boss

This sounds like an M$ astroturfer is trying to confuse people into thinking Google is the same as M$. M$ is a convicted monopoly for a reason. How much has M$ paid you to troll $lashdot using multiple names?

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