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Comment Re:ANDROID != LINUX (Score 2, Interesting) 487

You are so wrong.

Linux kernel is a monolithic kernel what means Linux kernel is the complete operating system. There is no other software needed to add to have full operating system than just the Linux kernel.

Same thing is with FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc what are all using a monolithic operating systems architecture, not the Server-Client operating systems architecture like XNU and NT, operating systems of OS X, iOS and Windows, Windows RT and Windows Phone.

XNU operating system does have servers from FreeBSD, but the whole XNU operating system or most important part of it, the microkernel, is not from FreeBSD. The Apple toke network stack and filesystems functions from a FreeBSD and made them operate as servers instead modules and used them in XNU.

Linux has conquered the world. It is used in most servers, most embedded systems and in most mobile devices from smartphones to now tablets. Linux operating system is most used operating system in the IT history by its wide usage purposes instead being just targeted to specific use (like only on embedded systems). Linux has proofen that monolithic operating system architecture is superior to server-client (aka microkernel) architecture in security, speed and stability. Because its open licensing and huge community, Linux hardware support and level is second to none. The Linux operating system is licensed under GPLv2 and it secures its openess (even that some would like to it be GPLv3 or BSD) and it truely was the most important decision what Linus Torvalds made, to use GPLv2 instead own or other license.

Linux deserves the credit for being most used operating system. It has already passed the install base of Microsoft or Apple developed operating systems by two fold, thanks to mobile world. Thanks to Linux, we have truely a open operating system used in the world, what is requiring hardware and software developers to take Open Source seriously, even Microsoft admitting that Linux operating system is more widely used and Open Source isn't "a cancer" or threat to industry jobs.

Every success what Android gets, is success for Linux as it is the operating system in Android. It isn't even directly success to Google either, because Android is developed by Open Handset Alliance (OHA) what is lead by Google. Every OHA member is free to improve Android and send patches. But Google makes sure that Android AOSP stay clean from proprietary code or functions what would benefit only a single authority.
Many falsely believes that Google applications and services (gapps) belongs to Android, while they don't. Google applications framework and all applications are third party to Android like Samsung S-series software is for Android or Microsoft software for Android is third party. The difference is just with the Google that if you want to call your device as Android device, you need to be OHA member and then pre-install only the Google Play (not required to install Google Maps, Gmail or any other applications for Google services) and you are free then to install any alternative services for Google services, but you can not block device user from installing any other third party (including Google Maps, Google Search or Gmail) applications and make them as default instead your chosen ones.

You are as well required to not modify Android API/ABI so that you don't have 100% Android compatibility. And here is again the other mistake what people make, as Hardware differences (display, resolution, CPU, GPU, amount of RAM, camera, flash, microphones, compass etc etc) are the one what you are free to design and use as OEM. And if Android application developer has designed their application to need hardware functions like front camera and rear camera flash, then if you have cheap Android device what is missing both, you can not see or install that application from Play store because your hardware doesn't fill the requirements the application developer has chosen to. It isn't fault of Android or it doesn't require application developer to test their software on every individual Android device model. Only require thing is to follow Android guidelines and use specific API level (like 14) and then hardware requirements like camera or OLED display. Android knows what hardware features it has and sends that information to Play what then by your handset tied to your Google Account filters Android applications based the requirements. So if you have Tegra 3 in your handset and game developer has used features what are available only in Tegra 4 and optimized the game for that SoC, then using your handset to browse games from Play store, it doesn't see the game as it is incompatible with your handset.

Linux operating system, like any operating system is no use for the user. It is the directly something important for hardware manufacturer. The Android hides Linux operating system with Dalvik Virtual Machine. You don't as software developer care anything about Linux operating system in Android as you don't have access below Dalvik. As a user you don't use operating system but you use the user interface of the device, the hardware (volume rocker, power button, camera button, display, casing etc) and the software (launcher, applications etc). As a user you don't use operating system (in any system) or you don't see operating system (in any system). (required car analogy) As operating system is like a car engine, when you are driving on highway, you don't operate the engine or see the engine, you operate controls like pedals and gear stick and they deliver commands to engine and other car parts.

For many people t is very hard to Get It, that Linux is huge success and very widely used. Because they only believe what they have seen. That Linux is same thing as KDE, GNOME, Unity and so on. And because they don't see those, "it ain't Linux as Linux is just a kernel!!!!!".

Android Inc chose to use Linux as the operating system in Android. When Google bought Android Inc, they kept using Linux because they already knew it. Google has lots of Linux engineers and experience because they use Linux operating system in their servers and systems. They knew for what the Linux is capable and what can be made from it with support of community and legally.

If Android would not have Linux as its operating system, I would bet that Android would not be at all same kind success. Like think if Android would have a proprietary operating system what isn't used anywhere else? Hardware manufacturers would hate to write drivers and functions to every new chip separately or license them all from manufacturers. OHA would need to design and maintain alone their own operating system and it isn't easy task at all. With help of Linux community, thousands of talented operating system hackers and engineers are tweaking and improving Linux every day, leaded by Linus and his "generals". But as it is open source, OHA can keep own functions like Wakelock if they think it is better than what is available. And that is possible because Linux kernel is the Open Source Operating System.

Comment I find it interesting (Score 4, Insightful) 223

I like the idea how everything is a file etc. That is one reason why I originally became Linux user and now it feels Linux systems have become something totally different by new third/fourth generation "geeks" who don't care anymore about open file system and results are like systemd journalctl.

Comment Re:Love KDE (Score 1) 44

Second gen netbook (Atom N420 if remembering correctly) here and Windows 8 doesn't even want to run in it, the beta works but is choppy and laggy when moving window or opening menus.
On same time, latest KDE is butter smooth, without frame drops or lagging. And the difference is HUGE, as the "eye candy" is very valuable usability booster while same thing can not be said from Win8 at all because it doesn't have shadows for windows, almost non-existing animations and then full screen start screen (only help to use Starter8 or similar).

Windows 7 or Windows 8 are not designed for low end computers like KDE. If you want speed and well made, then KDE is only choice from top-class.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 55

I really don't think Oculus VR as a company has a future, at least not as the mainstream VR king they keep picturing. Not because VR is not the future, we all know it is, but because they lack what really matters for the commercial success of a product in the mainstream tech/gaming industry: marketing, content and first party support. And on top of that their device is nothing but rehash of 90s tech with modern components.

The problem is that you don't seem to understand they have not yet released consumer product. They are only so far offered developer versions what are not final ones. They are focused to developers and there are new models released as well and under development (like including higher resolution).

Just being offered those to developers and not consumers, they have a very well known product and wanted one even. All what they need to do is to get it released for consumer for fair price (like 139-179€) and they have a hit in their hands.

There is just enough markets among simulator players (DCS fans etc) and many FPS gamers would sell their other hand to get so nice experience playing CoD (and other crap military FPS).

Comment Re:Sign Language Is Obsolete (Score 1) 79

They do. My friend did a article about that. She spend one week with a couple who both are deaf and the man had become blind few years before.
They both communicate with sign language but it is done by holding each other hands when doing it. There were three couples registered to be in same situation that they need to communicate with physical sign language.

You can be amazed what people can do who can not hear, talk and don't have anymore capability to see. They live normal live just together.

ps. My friend is deaf as well, can speak pretty well if really a required but she doesn't like to do it because it is really hard to her to speak more than few words.

Comment Re:usefulness disappears as well (Score 1) 775

Comment Re:'Simple really... (Score 1) 775

There has been made studies how people react when they are being captured to be stored in specific location.

People reactions were totally different depending the way of capturing the moment.

When a artists paint or drawed a situation with good accuracy of the person, people kept it as honor to be captured there.

When a photographer toke a big size camera (architecture camera) on tripod and focused the camera etc 15 minutes and finally got a shot, most people felt it was honorable and not bad to be captured to that location.

When a photographer used a pocket camera, people started to feel little shy and simply turned their head or avoided being in shot other way but it was not so negative that people would get angry or something.

But when a photographer toke photo with DSLR, hell got easily loose. People get angry, they wanted to avoid situation more often and even asked photographer to delete pictures. Same situation with smartphones happened than with DSLR, it was felt to be intrusion to your privacy in the public place.

It is not about the capturing the moment, it is about what can be done with the picture what people don't notice being so hateful.

Example, no one really cares CCD camera being on street, as people know no one search those videos and if someone is watching a live feed, it is propably a single guard who has dozens of monitors a front of him/her.
No one cares if artist is capturing the moment because people trust the artists to get a good picture and it is possible presented somewhere on art gallery sometime or after decades in some book or something.
When it comes to pocket cameras, people felt that it is more like a "turists" or "family shot" because it is the familiar usage of pocket cameras, pictures gets in the photoalbum at someones home etc.
But when it comes to DSLR, it is status for professionality, someone is making money and has possibility to sell the picture to news papers or some other publicication where lots of people see it and people don't want to end up on news paper page or in somekind ad.
And when it comes to smartphones (phonecameras) it is a real threat because people know the picture can be sent at that moment to someone else, someone can be spying about them and the image can be shared quickly to lot of people.People have heard about school bullies and people taking snapshots in swimming pools etc and have very negative feelings about smartphones in public places.

So what is the Google Glass situation?
I believe if such studies and tests would be done with Google Glass included, it would bring same reaction as smartphones.
But there would happen same thing as with smarphones, it is slowly accepted to happen around you but be limited. As some point when the Google Glasses gets more familiar to people, they accept them as they do the smartphones and tablets.
Still they do not want to get in nasty situation in someones youtube video or something, what is probable why there will come requirement that Google Glass has a brigth red led blingking top of the corner so everyone around you can see that you are recording and when taking a picture it would pulse couple times with somekind "Click" sound.

It would easy peoples reaction as they can avoid the situation and turn their head if wanted without feeling same as people push camera phones front of them or hold it toward them as it is after all, person is looking directly toward you with glasses.

Comment Re:Everything? (Score 3, Interesting) 115

I love the old idea "Everything is a file", but I hate that today everything in Windows is something behind complex graphical userinterface and files are hided. Same can be said from iOS, Windows Phone and even from Android.

That is one reason why I like Unix systems like Linux systems with KDE, as I really get access to files most of the times.

I want that every email is a single file and that file is renamed by the subject and sender, file metadata includes the file timestamp when it was received and I can manipulate the email with any text editor and even write one with such.

I love the simplcity what Xerox did in Xerox Star, have a simple outbox and inbox directories on desktop where you can drop files to be sent.

It should really be so easy at office, between family and friends computers (in different buildings/countries) just to drag and drop files to other computer. It was impossible at baud modem time but now when many have started to have 1024/512KBits connections and even many has wider bandwith, it would not be problem to drop few text files, few pictures and even couple songs to be transferred to other computer.

Welcome back SSH and network transparency.

At some point people should get noticed that all these "cloud services" are just stupid, that saving time and money it is simpler just to go and buy a cheap Plug-PC and attach USB drive to it and let it connect to your home network and you get NAS what to be binded to computers and get access to it from Internet by those who you want to get access. 250-500GB storage would be enough for most students (expect those who are downloading warez etc).

Or if the space isn't so much required, a cheap 20 buck Android phone with 32-64GB MicroSD card makes wonderful NAS with correct software, it doesn't even require power so much and as you can have attached webcam, microphone and speaker + some other sensors, it can be home security system as well.

Comment Re:Rsync? (Score 1) 49

Exactly what I got in my mind.

So many things has been done with Unix programs decades ago but problem is that mainstream has not known about them who just want to get stuff below 5 second timeline and fall to all kind stupid marketing lies like "Cloud" and this kind so easily.

Today to run own server does not even require a much. A 20-50 dollar Android smartphone + 32-64GB MicroSD card and you get very capable low-power server.
I made one by buying a totally new Huawei U8160 (70 bucks, second hand were between 20-50 at that time) and then slapped a 32GB microSD card on it.
WWW, EMAIL, NFS and SSH. You get even a webcam for security if wanted. Of course wireless connection is available but when you have option to buy SIM to get even a 3G, older Android smartphones becomes awesome computer-swissknifes for many house things with low-power demand and even multiple hour battery backup.

And if using something like this you get rsync to nicely sync important data as wanted.

Next thing what I propably do is to search how to get a MicroUSB Y-cable so I can power up the device and attach a USB HDD on it (required OTG support for device but...) so you could make a as big fileserver as wanted.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 217

I didn't even do that. I just highlighted the text and it was copied to my clipboard and then I could middle click anywhere to paste the text.

If you can select the text, you can copy it, no matter of what.

Then when news sites starts rendering all text as images we need to start using OCR and even then we get the content...How about encryption with key per reader and effective watermarking and personal security guard behind every reader checking the content isn't copied?

Comment Re:Can't believe their arrogance (Score 1) 401

Apple developes and sell its own software system preinstalled in own computer system so they can do what ever they want.
Microsoft developes own software system and sell it to OEM what builds own computer system so Microsoft has applied different rules as OEM is dependant of Microsoft.
Microsoft is allowed to do what ever it wants with Surface as same rules apply to it as for Apple.

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