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Comment Re:Why left? (Score 1) 641

The vast majority of users are right handed, and mouse right handed. Thus, the scrollbar is on the right side, and an idle mouse cursor is on the right side.

This doesn't actually follow like this you know. Think about it. The scroll bar needn't be on the right just because your mouse is because the control device and the display are divorced. Your statement would make more sense for a touch screen, maybe... but I think the 'scroll bar right' convention came about long before these were generally available. Just saying 'thus' doesn't automatically make something true.

Comment Re:-1 Troll (Score 1) 641

Democracy - literally meaning rule/government by (the) people. Your stated reasons for open source being 'democratic' (don't like something? then you can do it differently) have no relation to this. 'Pure' Democracy requires equality, for sure, but it is NOT primarily, or even peripherally about freedom. Any form of 'government' is the restriction of individual freedoms of action by its very nature. If it were not, it would not be 'governing' anything.

Comment Re:Apple needs to re-think some things (Score 1) 195

If there's one thing Apple are known for it's *not* opening up their kit to outside influences. Apples game plan is (and always has been) about rather more strict control of what happens when you use a bit of their kit then, for instance, MS. If you like the way Apple does things then that's all good. If you don't, its not. In any case, Apple and Google are doing different things. Google are trying to establish their mobile device operating system, Apple are trying to establish their physical device that happens to carry a unique operating system. As long as iPhone OS is unavailable on any other device, it cannot become the dominant mobile device operating system because, plain fact, most people don't spend that much cash on a phone. Now, in terms of revenue (the 'success' criteria for the businesses), I don't pretend to know which is going to work out better in the long run. But, in terms of cold, hard, world domination experience, I'm going to go with Google. After all, for all the success Apple have had over the years, they've never verbed their brand. (with all credit to Calvin and Hobbes for the term 'verbed').

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