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Comment ...did you hear that? (Score 2, Interesting) 196

the sound of every single RIAA member crapping themselves,

RIAA members create, manufacture and/or distribute approximately 90% of all legitimate sound recordings produced and sold in the United States.
call me crazy, if they have 90% of the record biz...isn't that a cartel?

The ultimate goal with all our anti-piracy efforts is to protect the ability of the recording industry to invest in new bands and new music and to give legal online services a chance to flourish.
yeah, but when your the majority of 'legitimate sound recordings' you have the market to yourselves...

That's why we educate. That's why record companies license music to legal services. And that's why, when necessary, we enforce our rights through the legal system.
.....notice the word 'our' rights....not, the rights of our member organizations....

With so many great legal music options available,
...okay, now your fooling no one..

there is really no excuse for music theft. Fans have a choice: pay a little now or a lot more later.
hopefully if this case turns out the right way, all that will be changed to 404

Submission + - Slashdot goes over the top for April Fools day

driverman writes: "Slashdot probably has the highest pranks per pixel (ppp) ratio of any news-related website out there. Many users have counted at least five unique april fools pranks on the main index of the site, and not all of them are limited to stories. One of the pranks is masquerading as a feature, and two (1, 2) of the pranks can be attributed to Google. No Microsoft pranks have been sighted as of yet (Vista doesn't count as an early one, either)."

Submission + - Transcript of Missing Watergate tapes revealed

poopreport writes: "Eighteen-and-a-half minutes of Nixon's Watergate tapes were excised not for reasons of conspiracy or national security, but rather to avoid an embarrassing revelation of the 37th president's penchant for toilet humor. From the transcript: "You know, when I shook that bastard Mao's hand back in '72 I swore he pinched one off on me. Smelled of rice and cabbage.""

Submission + - Congress bans April Fool's Day

Antony-Kyre writes: In an attempt to stop the annoyance of fake news articles being spread around on April Fool's Day, Congress has passed a law eliminating April 1st, and adding an extra day to February. February shall be 29 days long, except in leap year, which shall have 30 days.

(Disclaimer: April Fool's Day joke)

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