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Comment Re:Speed vs. Usage (Score 1) 100

To be honest I've never understood this argument. Is it that companies haven't made their returns on the copper yet, companies find the path of least resistance to be less speedy than for new infrastructure, or that these markets are in greater flux creating more competition which spurs innovation. Of course, it could be something else, but this is what came to my air bubble head just now.

Comment Re:BF Skinner (Score 1) 61

I think it would like something like this:

Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
(Switch to variable interval schedule)
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +0
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +0
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +0
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +1
Pick up that can! (Picks up can.) +0

Comment Re:Oops (Score 1) 181

The intent is to use SMS as a reliable data transmission system in areas which don't necessarily have access to quality data connections. The type of messages being sent would likely be small updates from remotely deployed sensors or system management commands from remotely deployed hardware. There are pilot projects which have rural satellite hospitals in developing countries use SMS to transmit data.

Oliver also nicely characterized the behavior of SMS networks and added a useful transport layer on top of it.

Comment Re:Since customers can override the system.... (Score 1) 393

I tend to think of this as being more like network flow control. If the server is overwhelmed with requests it can tell the client to back-off for a bit. Sure the client can keep on hammering the server, but then everyone loses. If the power grid goes down most lose more than a few degrees of comfort.

It also seems silly to create excess capacity for a few peaks during the year. Perhaps they can get away with batteries or other energy stores instead of power plants. However, if the extra capacity/storage is only needed for a few days of the year and the expense can be avoided using a voluntary mechanism, why not implement it?

Additionally, think of this as using individual homes as storage banks. Perhaps the power company can anticipate demand and overheat or overcool your home allowing for more room to cut power later on.

I think the voluntary nature of this arrangement needs to be maintained. What if you decide to start up your home Beowolf cluster on the hottest day of the year.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 441

I don't think people have a problem with them metering. People are just concerned that AT&T will try and change the cost of their existing data plans. I would feel abused if AT&T promised unlimited (without restriction) bandwidth and then decided that they couldn't meet this promise and cut or changed the terms of the agreement. A renegotiation would be acceptable. However, if the plan does not adequately account for the huge difference in usage patterns (usage encouraged by AT&T) then AT&T should be responsible and not the users who are simply using the device as it is capable of being used and as agreed to.

The tragedy of the commons as you put it was created by implicitly claiming a finite resource can be drawn upon without limit. The best compromise from my perspective would be to throttle bandwidth after X bytes of data are downloaded. This allows users to not be concerned over losing access to essential, but low bandwidth, services but prevents the network from being saturated. This would have been a sane plan, but doesn't advertise well. Unlimited makes sense, but in order for users to appreciate a cap they have to understand what a unit of data is and how much data various applications transfer. Additionally, application writers need to make sure their applications transfer minimal amounts of data making application writing difficult.

Comment Re:Isn't there an easy solution to this already? (Score 1) 214

Why shouldn't a parent be allow to decide what their child should see? Perhaps I disagree with a group or individual who judges all sexuality to be perverse. Perhaps, I want my child to be exposed to it when s/he is younger than 18 so he can understand it with maturity later on in life. I'd rather my daughter or son be exposed to the topic in a creative medium where s/he can ponder the consequences of a character's mistakes without having made them. Yes, as I parent, I could conjure up a great story myself but I feel that that is an artist's job. Of course, artists may choose to not accurately reflect the consequences of a teen pregnancy. However, if there are enough producers of art it is likely someone will, especially if the market demands it. As a parent, I want to guide my child in her/his exploration of the topic and I can't do that effectively if there isn't anything else to turn to but my limited perspective on my limited set of experiences. An artist can draw from the experiences of a thousand people across a thousand years of recorded human history if s/he wishes.


Submission + - Does choice of OS correlate with religion? ( 4

JustShootMe writes: "I work at a company that has both a Windows team and a Linux team. I have found that with one exception, everyone on the Linux team is either agnostic or atheist (that I know of). Conversely, the Windows team seems to skew towards the religious — there is one practicing Jew, one Christian (from what I've gathered from my conversations with him) and several of the Windows team managers who have come through over the years were very strong Christians.

How about it, fellow Slashdotters? Is there a correlation between the type of OS you run and whether you're religious or not? Think some grad out there might get a good thesis out of it?"

Comment Re:Better link to what happened (Score 1) 675

It is sad to think that in the United States we have to assuage the police in order to make sure they don't go ballistic on you. Why can't people have normal dialogs with them in a professional manner in non-violent confrontations of course. I wouldn't expect them to try and open up a dialog if someone is flinging a maul at them.

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