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Comment Re:yeah... (Score 1) 208

It was implied that I meant navigation methods that don't require radio waves, as my post was addressing the simplicity of taking out drones that require RF communication. So yes, no GPS either. A mature self-guidance system that combined computer vision techniques with altimeter and accelerometer information could provide pretty good "best guess" navigation substitute in the event of RF jamming, especially considering that jamming would likely be temporary.

Comment Re:That title needs work, for one thing (Score 1) 93

Personally, I've been having a blast with it - On 360 no less. It's true that the actual size of the game world isn't actually as vast as the game's media suggests it is, but that doesn't change the fact that when I'm playing it I'm having a really good time. It's also true that the game play is a patchwork of elements from different genres that don't ever go definitively in any direction, and yet I find the game play experimentation that Bungie committed to totally refreshing. Despite the fact that the content FEELS like it should be underwhelming, I cannot deny that I'm really enjoying my time with it so far. That may wane once I reach the endgame, but that doesn't worry me. This is an MMO and Bungie / Activision are in this together for the next decade. The game's content will continually expand and Bungie, famous for their involvement with their user base, will in all likelihood listen to suggestions to improve their offering and keep people hooked. I got my money's worth already.

Comment Re:Bikes lanes are nice (Score 1) 213

You don't bike in the city do you. I ride on 700C Continental Gatorskins, which means about a half inch of contact width with the road. They ride on cobblestone, glass, potholes, rat carcasses, gravel, trash, ice, you name it. About 85PSI +/- 5. Skinny tires are a lot better at urban riding than you'd think. Of course, the woven layer of kevlar doesn't hurt either.

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