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Comment Re:That's because there wasn't (Score 1) 266

It wasn't a total flop. You just don't know every decent Doom 3 TC. For instance, now I'm not expert on Doom 3 mods (because, frankly, I monitor open source games) but I still know about the excellent The Dark Mod - a total conversion Thief-inspired game. I'm sure there's plenty more.

Submission + - Free Gamer's Top 10 Projects To Revive (

Charlie writes: "The great thing about open source is a project can never become extinct — there is always a chance of it being brought back to life either by the original authors who re-find their motivation, by new contributors who see the potential, or a mixture of both. Here are the top 10 open source game projects, complete with cliches, I'd like to see return to the development scene and back on the road to completion."

Submission + - 4 good open source Artillery / Worms clones (

Charlie writes: "Free Gamer introduces 4 open source games inspired by... Worms? No. Scorched Earth? Nah. Gorillas? Nope. Tank Wars? No. That's right, their roots go all the way back to a 1980 on the Apple II under the name Artillery. The Artillery genre of open source games is possibly the healthiest genre of open source agmes with 4 very good, polished, playable, and actively developed projects, as well as other similar games, inspired by the classics."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Open Source City Building, Tycoon Game Reviews (

FreeGamer writes: "People often accuse the Free software and open source game sphere of lacking depth, that there are few good games. In 2009 Free Gamer is dedicated to dispelling this myth. As part of a series of articles on specific genres, highlighting the games that people develop for the love of development in order for us to play, I humbly present a set of reviews of open source city building and tycoon games. I try to be fair and critical, and I note that these games are all enjoyable in their own way. They are all certainly worth a look."

Submission + - Con Kolivas releases last ever -ck patchset (

FreeGamer writes: "Anybody who ever tried ricing their Gentoo in order to attain half-decent audio/visual perforance, or knows much about kernel patchsets, will no doubt be aware of the -ck kernel patchset. It is a patchset for the Linux kernel that is aimed at providing an optimal desktop experience.

Today saw the last ever release of the -ck kernel patchset. Read on for an overview of the reasons why Linux is losing one of it's most talented contributors."

PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Debunking reasons not to open source game projects (

FreeGamer writes: "There are many significant indie game projects that are committed to creating a quality free game where the developers are afraid of the consequences of making the development public by publishing the project under an open source license. The reasons for declining to open source a project are usually bogus. Over the years I've tried to change the minds of several game project developers, usually met with stubborn resistance. Hopefully this article can help projects earlier on in their development cycle before people have committed themselves to keeping their free game project as a closed source one."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - open source Privateer released (

The Gemini Gold Team writes: "We have just released a new version of Privateer Gemini Gold. Many of us experienced Privateer in the early 90's, the engaging space piracy and trading game that captured us with mystery and challenges. Some contemporary efforts ( /1154252) tried bringing back the Privateer joy of years past, but all have been limited by the blocky 320x200 pixel art in the game. The competing Gemini Gold ( ) has just released a new Open Source Privateer to all platforms with the inflight and ground art redone at 800x600 as well as with all the familiar controls that were baked into the base scenes and immersed the player in the scenes. Just like the original, you start poor, with an old scout class ship in a sparsely populated system in the Gemini Sector. As usual, you must try to get money through various mission assignments from which you can purchase better ships and upgrades. It's your choice how to explore Gemini and align with the various factions, earn your money as a merchant, bounty hunter, traitor or pirate. Meet Sandoval in a bar on New Detroit and talk to him to trigger the original campaign and the newer Righteous fire expansion."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Poll idea: Favorite siege weapon

icebrain writes: Trebuchet
Lunar mass driver
Wooden rabbit
Orcs with explosives
Battering ram
Planet-destroying laser

Submission + - CollabNet buys SourceForge Enterprise Edition

rca66 writes: Yesterday CollabNet and VA Software announced in a press release, that CollabNet will take over the SourceForge Enterprise Edition Business from VA Software. As part of this deal several employess from VA Sofware will change to CollabNet. CollabNet is specialized on the development of distributed applications and supports the Open Source project Subversion. VA Software will concentrate on the the online media of its subsidiary OSTG, which owns Slashdot, SourceForge, NewsForge, and Freshmeat.

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