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Comment Re:Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 1) 439

If a US citizen had a server in China and shared copyrighted content on it I guarantee you US authorities would prosecute them in the US. So I call BS.

At the end of the day its just whatever argument serves the interests of the copyright cartel and that is almost always persecution in the US.

Of course they would. How does that contradict also prosecuting people that do business with US companies and host their servers in the US?

Comment Re:Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 2) 439

Note that Dotcom is not originally New Zealander. Countries sometimes refuse to extradite people born in their country, but such usually isn't the case with foreign nationals.

And I'm pretty surprised you would support him either, especially when you slashdotters usually talk about the media executives wanting to grab lots of money and live great life with yaches and other things. Does his house and parties look like he was a honest guy wanting common good? What about the cars with license plates like "GOD", "GUILTY", "HACKER," "MAFIA," and "STONED"? Or his past convictions of inside trading and criminal hacking?

Comment Re:You are ignorant. (Score 0) 439

Please note that the YouTube+Universal deal is between them. It has nothing to do with law or censorship. If YouTube gives Universal the ability to delete videos at whim, so be it. You have freedom of speech, but no private company needs to provide you the platform to do it. If you want to blame somebody, blame YouTube (and Google) for giving them such a tool.

Comment Re:Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 0) 439

First, let's not confuse the recent raid with MegaUploads lawsuit against Universal. Universal took down MegaUpload's advertising video from YouTube by abusing YouTube's system for DMCA takedows. When faced with the fact that MegaUpload's ad contained no infringing material, Universal turned around and denied that it was a DMCA takedown. Clearly, Universal does not want to take responsibility for its actions.

And since it was a deal between YouTube and Universal, there was no DMCA laws involved. If the deal included Universal's ability to remove any file they wish, so be it. If not, it's to be resolved between YouTube and Universal. Not that I like that deal, but regarding to law, there is nothing wrong being done.

Comment Re:Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 2) 439

Then why did their internal emails show that they were fully aware of the copyright violations? From the indictment:


On or about February 5, 2007, VAN DER KOLK sent an e-mail to ORTMANN entitled âoereward paymentsâ. Attached to the e-mail was a text file listing thefollowing proposed reward amounts, the username, and the contentthey uploaded:

100 USD [USERNAME DELETED] 10+ Full popular DVD rips (split files), a fewsmall porn movies, some software with keygenerators (warez)
100 USD [USERNAME DELETED] 5845 files in his account, mainly Vietnamesecontent
100 USD [USERNAME DELETED] Some older DVD rips + unknown (Italianserries?) rar files
1500 USD [USERNAME DELETED] known paid user (vietnamese content)

On or about February 21, 2007, VAN DER KOLK sent an e-mail toORTMANN entitled âoe2 reward payment files.â Attached to the e-mail was a file usersâ(TM) e-mail addresses and reward payments for that time period, whichranged from $100 to $500. For one user that was paid $300, VAN DER KOLK wrote, âoe30849files, mainly Mp3z, some copyrighted but most of them have a very small number of downloadsper file.â For other users, all of which were selected for reward payments of $100 by the MegaConspiracy, he wrote the following: âoeOur old famous number one on MU, still some illegal files but I think he deserves a paymentâ; âoeLoads of PDF files (looks like scanned magazines)â; âoelookslike vietnamese DVD ripsâ; âoeThis user was paid last time has mainly split RAR files, howevermore than 50% deleted through abuse reports.â

Comment Re:Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 1) 439

Not only did MegaUpload not delete the actual files when sent DMCA notices (but did when sent abuse letters about illegal content like child porn)

This is not necessary. If you read the DMCA it is enough to simply remove *access* to the content.

However, it matters because MegaUpload used hashes on all the files and if someone uploaded the same file again, they only made a new reference to it. At the same time when they got DMCA notice they didn't remove all the urls associated with the file, but only the one that received the notice. That clearly shows intent of keeping as many copies of the file online while only removing the one that has been detected by the copyright owner. Even more problematic is the fact that they did have this system in place because they did it for files such as child porn. But because copyrighted content was such a major income stream for them, they tried to get away with it in that special case.

Comment Re:Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 0) 439

Exactly correct. It's funny that people always point out that The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites are hosted in Sweden and therefore it's Swedish law that applies to them, but now it's somehow different when they hosted in the US. On top of that they also worked with US companies, and as another point, usually these sites pay more for US visitors than for example visitors from China or Russia (as they make more revenue). This clearly shows intent target US persons.

Comment Not Surprise for MegaUpload (Score 5, Informative) 439

With the ton of information about the multi-year investigation about MegaUpload and all the evidence gathered they practically have zero possibility of winning the case. They really got it handed down on them and are most likely looking for a long time in jail.

Not only did MegaUpload not delete the actual files when sent DMCA notices (but did when sent abuse letters about illegal content like child porn), they also paid the uploaders cash in exchange to send downloaders to their site. This was almost all the times used for spreading copyright infringing material and MegaUpload was notoriously known for being good site for such use. As the internal emails show they were also fully aware of this fact. It also seems like the feds are now in possession of the top affiliates on the site which most likely will lead to more arrests for criminal copyright infringement, as they made lots of money by doing it.

Also another fact: not only did MegaUpload staff know about this activity and try to get around DMCA notices and laws, they did copyright infringement themselves. For example they used to populate their MegaVideo site by downloading and adding videos from YouTube. This was also videos created by people like you, not only mega-corps. This and much more was revealed in the arrest and their internal emails.

Comment Re:Phone service is a credit account (Score 1) 196

All phone service is really a credit account because you have access to overage minutes, pay-for numbers, etc. You can run up an unlimited bill if you or your teenager goes over the usage plan. Pay those bills on time and you can gain credit score points, run up a higher bill than you can pay and it goes as a missed payment.

I guess you haven't traveled much. In these countries you usually top-up your account and use the money you've pre-paid.

Comment The entire credit history thing is stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 196

The countries listed, and where credit is not usual for people but mostly businesses (and only then for billing duration), have it more right than US. In the United Status people need to take loans just to build up their credit history, which is just useless costs. The only justified things for loans should be loans for starting businesses, houses and maybe cars. Living on credit for your everyday things is just stupid and bad for economy. And this also includes credit cards, even if you pay them back as soon as you get the bill.

Comment Re:Nothing like a beating to make a believer. (Score 2) 907

However, in general Buddhism (especially Theravada Buddhism) is much saner "religion" compared to Christianity and others. It is quite close to Atheism, and for example doesn't believe in gods. It's more like good guide for life, and promotes the idea of own mind. It also believes that Buddha only created the religion and he was a normal, living guy.

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