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Comment We need standardization (Score 1) 280

Seriously, as many people here have already pointed out, there is nothing worse than finding that a website won't take your usual password because of some obscure reason. Usually its either some extremely low risk site where you will only log in once a year which requires your password to be 12 characters long with upper and lower cases, numbers and symbols all in one. Or it will be your bank which requires a 6 letter password but won't take any special characters. We need some sort of ISO or RFC standard which promotes companies to follow a standard requirement/restraint on passwords. As many people have already said in the comments, a sensible system would have your average joe only needing to remember four "levels" of passwords, one for email, one for financial websites, one for sites with personal information and one for throw away/unsafe/log in once websites.

Comment Re:So go ahead - what are the legitimate uses of t (Score 1) 251

Drugs don't hurt anyone? So you think drug cartels who kill thousands of people every year to feed our western need for drugs don't hurt anyone? And you don't think the cost to our health systems to deal with substance abuse "hurts" or at least costs our society money (the victims being the ones who loose out because resources are instead spent on dealing with the problems caused by drugs)? The expression "there is no such thing as a victimless crime" is correct in almost all cases...

Comment Gun comparison... (Score 1) 921

People seem to be on either two sides of this. For the people who argue that everyone carries a camera in their cellphone and could be recording you, or that anyone can buy a cheaper spy camera, here is my argument for you. This is obviously a extreme parallel I am about to draw, but I am going to compare Google glasses to to guns... I see the arguments being very similar (in the US). People can legally (in several states), carry guns, even concealed ones. This is bad enough as there are people who feel uncomfortable if they just saw someone carrying a gun in a holster. Now my comparison is that what Google Glasses is doing is that they are taking it one step too far. They are basically doing to equivalent of allowing the person who carries a gun today to basically walk around with it, holding it 24/7 in a shooting position (arms straight out, finger on trigger). This would obviously scare the living hell out of most people if someone was holding a gun this way in a bar. This is effectively what they are doing with a camera now. Yes everyone has a camera on their cellphone these days, but most of the time its in peoples pockets or bags. And if it is out it is either pointing to the floor, to a table or towards a friend if you are taking a picture. People dont walk around with their phones out 24/7 and pointing it faces of random people in bars. Yes someone could sneakily film someone by holding it in a subtle way or by using a spy camera. But someone could also hold a concealed gun under their jacket and have it pointed it towards you. Just because they can do that already, doesnt automatically give them the right to walk around with it pointed towards you at all times. My point is not that cameras == guns. My point is that the step from having a camera on a cellphone in a your pocket to wearing a camera in your glasses is the same length step as going from carrying a gun in public to carrying it whilst pointing it straight out in front of you.

Comment Re:30 years? (Score 1) 629

Come on, your view on women contribution compared to men is outdated. The problem is you live in a country where paternity leave is probably close to none existent. Give the father just as much paternity leave as the women. If they then both take out equal amount of leave then how is the man any better than the women?

Comment More daylight after work (Score 1) 462

I think DST should be removed and the timezones moved so that we have more daylight in the evenings after work. The majority of people in the winter months go to work when its dark and come home when its dark. That is mad, why do we want the daylight during hours were most people are stuck in doors behind a desk with no natural light? Lets give 90% of the population daylight for when they finish work! Yes I do realise that some people work outdoors etc, but those people can have their working hours changed if it so so important for them to have natural light when they work... Much better than the whole population having to suffer...

Comment Re:Whats your budget? (Score 4, Informative) 175

Ohh yeah and I forgot to mention weather. It will work fine through cloud, but you will loose service during heavy rain (at either your end or the earth stations end). To be weather proof you will want to look into a C-band based VSAT service (the previous service I was referring to was a Ku-band based VSAT).

Comment Whats your budget? (Score 5, Informative) 175

I know you say that you know of solutions which cost 2-10K, but what is your actual budget? A fixed VSAT install seems to be what you are after, it will give you 600-700ms return latency but it will give your decent speed (go for a DVB-S2 service for good value for money). However, you will be looking in that price range you mentioned... I only working with roaming VSAT services (where you have access to beams on various satellites all over the world). We pay $18K per month for a committed rate of 2048/256 which is burstable up to 10240/256. A fixed service on one beam will be significantly cheaper then that though...

Comment Drawing wrong parallels (Score 1) 81

Why are the majority of people in this thread assuming this is an response to the Snowden releases? To me this seems to be a law which has nothing to do with the NSA's activities but instead to prevent oppressive regimes from purchasing european made software which will allow them to suppress their citizens even further by spying on them etc. Haven't we already got similar laws to prevent sells of software used by oppressive regimes which could enable them to censor their citizens?

Comment Help me understand the numbers (Score 1) 390

I see this kind of articles all the time, but the numbers just dont add up for me personally. Sure a lot of my friends and family have Android phones, but not 80% of them. Where I live (London) I would say its a 50/50 toss between iPhones and Android users. Or is it maybe the case that iPhone users keep their phones for longer? (my old iPhone has been passed down to my mum, then to my sister and now to my cousin). Are Android users just buying new phones more often than iPhones users?

Comment Ineffective? (Score 2) 210

Surely the criminals would pick up on this new technique very quickly? If its a stolen car (which I would assume most police chases are caused by), wouldn't the criminals just dump the car and flee on foot since there is no cops chasing right up behind them? I guess one could argue that its better that a car thief gets away and no one gets hurt rather than a car chase were innocent people might be injured or killed, but I don't see how this system would catch even close to the same amount of criminals as the police catch today...

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