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Comment Telikin Clarifications (Score 1) 59

I think Walt did a very through review. Unfortunately he hit a few bugs. I am not happy about this. Most are fixed or in the process of being fixed. We do have a number of users that are very happy with Telikin. We are working hard to make sure all customers have a great experience. 1) We do have a "Forward" button. We will add a "Reply All." Surprisingly I do not think any of our customers missed this or asked for this. 2) The screen resolution is 1366 x 768. I think the reason a number of people prefer Telikin over the iPad is that it is much larger (4X) and easier to read. It is also easier to use. The iPad is a great product. I do not think we will sell as many as Apple :) , but I think we have a market. 3) The Telikin comes with a keyboard and mouse so you do not have to keep your arm raised for an extended period of time. We initially had two versions, one touch one non touch. In focus group testing almost everyone preferred the touch version so we dropped the non touch. We also have folks that like the stylus. There is value in focus group testing. 4) The internal microphone was picking up too much noise from the fan. We added the external microphone to give better quality for integrated Skype Video Chat. We are working with MSI to fix the problem. In the mean time units ship with an external microphone. 5) We are adding Spreadsheets now. Powerpoint editing will be further in the future. Our customers guide our product planning. 6) The Photo app accesses Facebook photos and puts them in a very easy to user Album view. Full Facebook is accessible through the Web Browser with Flash support. 7) We do put a lot of effort into support. Our customers need it. It is part of the value proposition. Try to get that from Microsoft. Thanks for you comments. Fred Allegrezza CEO Venture 3 Systems / Telikin.

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