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Comment Re:Education / Communication (Score 1) 646

Putting up a program like this - your kids will see a challenge and go out of their way to break/circumvent it. It's what I would have done as a kid...

Where's the downside here? I'm teaching my toddler to effectively reason in an arguement by playfully arguing with her when she wants something that I would probably say "yes" to anyway until she persuades me to agree with her by making her case. I'll do the same sort of thing with network access when she gets a little older (in addition to teaching her about good online practices) and start teaching her the basics of how our network works. I'd love it if the thrill of unrestricted access was enough of a motivator for her to learn how to circumvent our security.

Comment Re:Giant SUV's (Score 1) 263

So what? One more guy ahead of you. Big deal. So F'ing What if someone sneaks in between you and the next car. Did your manhood just get dissed?

Well, no, but then you slow down more to put a comfortable amount of distance between yourself and the new car in front of you...which causes everyone behind you to brake and/or pass you on the right. Rinse and repeat as soon as there's room in front of you again. The ongoing chain of braking/acceleration/lane changing of all the cars behind you with each iteration is more of a problem than a lane full of people who are all moving at a constant speed and paying attention, especially when a number of the cars behind you are being driven by someone more interested in their smartphone than they are in what's happening in front of them.

I try to opt out by staying in a lane that's appropriate to my driving habits. I'd rather be cruising along with room in front of me in the right or middle lane than try to make the fast lane conform to some ideal of safe driving that just isn't practiced by most of the people who spend all their time there.

Comment Re:New Super Mario Bros Wii (Score 1) 293

Designing a game that would be fun for beginners/casual players and challenging for experts at the same time is extremely difficult. Ten or twenty years ago there were no games like that. Now, with the popularization of things like tutorials and achievements, we are getting closer, but we still aren't there in most genres.

Go? Scrabble? Checkers? Chess? Backgammon? Baseball? Cribbage? Risk? Ping Pong? I'm sure there are others. If a game isn't fun enough to keep playing past the beginner/casual level, it doesn't survive long enough to have expert players.

Comment Re:no one who plays WoW will comment here (Score 1) 218

You forgot us former WoW players, who are cautiously curious, but still keeping our distance.


Exactly. I stopped playing over a year ago for good reasons, but the whole Cataclysm thing is still kind of tempting in ways I can't even explain properly. The closest parallel I can come up with is the sensation I get as an ex-smoker from time to time where I feel like I would really enjoy a cigarette, even though I know that it would probably just turn my stomach and leave a bad taste in my mouth were I actually to give in to that impulse.

Comment Re:Wanna check my balls? (Score 1) 642

The passenger has plenty of opportunity to make it worse for the TSA goon since the pat down happens in front of all of the other passengers unless a request is made to go to a private area. I can't wait to see the first news stories start rolling in about situations where the TSA agent blows their cool and attacks a passenger after being publicly humiliated and laughed at by a line full of travelers.

"Over already? Do you always finish first when you do this sort of thing at home too?"

Comment Re:Arbitrage? (Score 1) 482

Sometime soon in America..."I got gold. I got gold. Yeah, what kind of gold do you want? I got yellow gold. I got white gold. 18 carat? Yeah, that's all right...but this 24 carat stuff from Germany is real, real, real good stuff. You'll know where that extra money went when you need it. I got gold. Gold here. Get your gold."

Comment Re:Cognitive dissonance (Score 4, Informative) 370

It looks like they opted for non-scarce materials according to the official site:

The Very Light Car is a more sustainable vehicle. Not just efficient to drive, but cradle-to-grave environmentally responsible. Less mass means fewer material inputs. Energy intensive materials and hazardous or scarce materials are largely avoided in favor of conventional materials, such as aluminum and steel, that are readily available, easily made in volume, and completely recyclable.

Comment Re:Why prices don't decrease (Score 1) 336

No kidding. And where do you think all those bits go when the operator pulls out one of the tubes to shoot the lotto balls through? They go all over the floor, that's where. The room starts to fill up with 1s and 0s. They get all over the place, impossible to clean up. You'll be picking little 0s out of your beard for weeks and smell like web 1.0 sites for twice that long. Have you ever tried to get bits from a myspace page out of a sweater?

Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 758

Guess what people will do when they can't buy a used copy and don't have money for a new copy?

Either go without or infringe copyright by using an unauthorized copy. To the publishers, having their work pirated and seeing it sold second-hand are typically the same thing because they don't get paid in either of those two scenarios.

Comment Re:I was just thinking about this (Score 1) 238

Viggo Mortensen could probably pull off Roland. I always thought of Palance as more of the man in black type. Clint should get a part somewhere to pay respect to how much of an influence his early work had on the series, but I can't see him wanting to sign up to do all three movies plus a miniseries as a major character.

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