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Comment Let's dance the PEBKAC again (Score 1) 72

Once again PEBKAC and the Human Element proves to be the bane of the person trying to make computer data secure. I face this every day and to this day I still wonder how the hell my parents don't get more infections then they currently do. Wait that would be me making sure their antispyware and antivirus is up to date every time their backs are turned.

It does help that I drummed in safe surfing practices into their heads.

Comment That don't impress me much (Score 1) 821

It's still going to get changes between now and when it hits the shelves/warehouses. Between now and then a load could happen. I'm going to take this story with a very large pinch of salt. Maybe Honshu sized would be enough. Vista's a real big pain in the ass to me and hasn't impressed me. Some good ideas were badly implemented causing people to either disable the features or just get the dreaded "yes to everything" syndrome that I often see. If Windows 7 comes with any DRM I'm getting a Mac and grabbing some Windows XP disks and to f*** with what MS have to say. Digital Rights Management? Digital Rights Mangling more like. I haven't forgiven Sony/BGM for the 2 very public rootkitting incidents and for once slapping a rootkit on my machine after playing one of their CDs on my machine. I want to know who came up with that crap so I can punish them with a cactus up where the sun doesn't shine.

Comment Re:Traffic caps are a problem... (Score 1) 113

The whole unable to get security updates because of imposed caps is something that worries me a great deal. I'm one of those people who checks for updates to Windows and my anti-crapware programs almost every day. I see this whole traffic caps thing as something that could really cripple the economy further then it already is. I do web design as well as a hobby come self taught thing and sort of rely on a good uncapped connection to help me stay sane after my junk is uploaded.

Caps already exist in the form of a "fair use" policy. What's "fair use"? Someone who relies on the internet to work from home or to do business will use far more then the bloke down the road who only logs on to check their emails once a day. Also the emigrating couple who wish to show the grandparents by streaming good quality (I.E. you can actually see the baby's face) video conference will use a lot of stream/bandwidth.

Comment Autism is not a disease (Score 2, Interesting) 431

This article makes it sound like autism is a bad thing like the HIV virus. "A preventative cure" You cure diseases, you don't cure an alternative intelligence. I was diagnosed with Aspergers at a young age and have recently been confirmed by another expert. Sure I sometimes don't take subtle hints but how is that a disease? My inability to lie (that part of my brain doesn't work) is actually a benefit in so many ways. I'm upfront so people would be more comfortable in partaking in a business deal with me rather then with someone who can and does lie.

Oh wow maybe we should cure all that so I can lie, cheat and steal. My brain is perfectly fine as it is. It's people's attitudes to autism that are the problem. I'm fed up of people presuming I'm stupid and incapable because I have a form of autism. That is the disease, not the autism itself.

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