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Comment Re:She said she was 18! (Score 2) 192

Default posting options are there... Create a list called "Restricted" and add people to it and then restrict their access in security to not see your wall. It takes 5 minutes to create and one second to add a new friend to it after it's set up. If you don't want to restrict every post, there's a 'lock' under each post that if you want to block the post to the "Restricted" list, you click it and customize and add the "Restricted" list to "Hide this from". Lists are your friend.

Comment Re:How does (Score 1) 1088

Yep, because the Taliban are only in caves and have no ability to use any form of modern communication or tactics. I have to laugh at some of these posts that make the Taliban out to be stupid (and in some cases almost innocent). There wasn't an internet during WWII but tactical maps and plans taken by troops were still useful and could be communicated back. They obviously don't have everything at their disposal that the US troops have but they certainly have many means of communication, whether stolen or otherwise and much greater than what was available in WWII.

Comment Re:Someone failed statistics (Score 3, Informative) 554

While I don't support EA or DRM (and refuse to buy Warhead for that reason) I have been soaking up everything I can on the situation and have one correction to your statement... EA has clarified that they will release a patch to remove activation in the event that they take down an authentication server. Obviously this can be taken as a "we'll see" mentality but I thought I would post that they've addressed activation.
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Submission + - my experience on packard bell (apcmag.com)

Andrew Lynch writes: "I spent many hours trying to do this. My live cd says it only has a shortcut on it and will not auto run, I've changed the boot order to boot from cd, but whenever I reboot I just get vista startup, or it repairs itself to start from vista. Hard drive partitioned ok. Is this microsofts way of making sure the PC I paid them for will only do their bidding? I tried buying cds to do this from The Linux Store; they took my money but haven't sent the cds. IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN GET LINUX?? Surely this isn't just a sick joke, lots of people reckon they use Linux but I can't beleive it."

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