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Comment ?? Really (Score 1) 347

I have worked in IT all my life, from the jack of all trades to specialized technologies.... on call all the time, i have had my fair share of events where 60 people swarm my desk as i type away and talk on the phone trying to resolve the issues.... my view of this....

other people can have the anxiety... i am here to do my job to the best of my abilities, i get paid to do that, i get paid to be on call, so i will do that... i have projects that i know will fail, projects that i am struggling to meet the timelines for and problems that i can solve, and problems that i can't solve... last I checked, that is IT period.

If you have real issues with anxiety and coping with this "crushing pressure" go work in another industry, IT isn't a walk in the park and if you can't balance work/personal and your own emotions, IT isn't for you.

Sure that sounds harsh, but again, in IT, get used to it.

Comment Re:Raise in the past 6 months? Try year. (Score 2, Informative) 608

They chose the perfect time to do the survey, most companies I have ever known someone at would do it in Dec/Jan for Calendar year, Mar/Apr if their fiscal year ended then, or Oct/Nov if their fiscal year ended then. So in my view it is an expected 66% NO. I hate it when information like this flows around. 100% of people agree**

** - Survey of 10000 people with 1 respondant

School District Drops 'D' Grades 617

Students in one New Jersey school district will no longer be able to squeak by in class after the Morris County School Board approved dropping the D grade. Beginning in the fall students who don't get a C or higher will get an F on their report card. "I'm tired of kids coming to school and not learning and getting credit for it," said Superintendent Larrie Reynolds in a Daily Record report.

Comment Re:Employee monitoring is not really new (Score 1) 274

But if companies put in position mandates "Other duties as assigned" which can include monitoring others. I think that it is good to watch what is going on but not to the extent of social networking sites and GPS etc. I personally monitor the enterprise for mob behavior such as a 400% spike in internet traffic with people watching the world cup or streaming radio. I then crunch the numbers and show what the cost of said traffic is to the business and let the business decide if it continues or if I stop it.

My job is to ensure a stable and high performing network for the enterprise, part of that is watching what people are doing and stopping things that can degrade the stability or performance of the network as a whole. I don't look at it as monitoring co-workers, I see it as monitoring the network, what I am paid to do. The fact that humans are the ones generating the traffic doesn't matter, I really don't care who is doing it, just that it is being done.

We aren't here to single people out (unless asked to), just do the job that we are paid for.


Submission + - 2PiR * Cycles/Sec = Gooooaaalll!!! (

yyzmcleod writes: As the World Cup finals kick off, the most talked about and controversial figure in the game isn’t a player but Jabulani, the new Adidas World Cup soccer ball (the name means “to celebrate” in isiZulu). Designed by researchers from Loughborough University, United Kingdom, the ball has drawn considerable criticism from players. Goalies in particular have described the ball’s in-air behaviour as “ridiculous”, “shameful” and even “supernatural”. Not only does it travel faster than previous World Cup models but players say the ball’s curve through the air or “bend” is erratic and unpredictable. Adelaide University physics professor, Derek Leinweber, explains why.

Comment Lenovo T400 w Win7 (Score 1) 454

3 cell battery it came with gave me 40 mins tops. Got the 9 cell and now i get 8 hours of working time, 1 hour less if i am watching videos.... i can't complain, it does pretty damn good... my netbook gets a little more, around 9 hours but all it does is surf the randomness that my wife makes it

Comment IBM System/36 (Score 4, Funny) 268

I recently was forced to part with my old IBM System 36 and corresponding hard drive that was 350lbs and the size of a dishwasher. The system 36 was the original 700lb model 5630. They were used as end tables but didn't fit with my wife's tastes. I am proud to say that I was able to get the box up, with connected terminal and actually pulled data off of it (printed) in 2005. I was challenged by some friends to make it work to show it could still be put to use and damn it, the yellow paged manuals I still had made it easy.

My tech hoarding earned me some extra income as I won the bet making it work. So don't throw it out, your tech buddies will pay good money to watch you fight with 20 year old tech.

Comment Re:Please let me use the same password (Score 1) 497

We have a password policy as well, with the no repeating characters, previous 10 passwords not allowed, not allowed to change the password twice in 48 hours, must have special character, upper and lower case and numbers, can't contain any part of user id or name, must be 9 characters in length, must start with a letter...... and that is just the domain password, rules for internal systems are just as crazy but some don't allow special characters etc so you are forced to maintain 50 passwords and user id's even though LDAP is the "only standard moving forward"

I sit next to the security teams, on password change day I yell and then remove the piece of paper on my cube's name badge and replace it with the updated passwords. They don't like me. I have proved that leaving your user ID and password at sight level at your cube doesn't mean someone will use it.... so far

Comment Depends on what day (Score 1) 676

Monday - 65 - no one was in on the weekend to complain about temp
Tuesday - 70 - the people around me blow enough hot air to raise it 5 degrees
Wednesday - 78 - the combination of building maintenance and the hot air cause it to rise to sweat shop levels
Thursday - 72 - the thermostat is in my cube so i take control and make it at least decent
Friday - 70 - no one ever shows up for work on friday so i can start to make the temp dip

And it is all "men" around me, but the bitch fest about the temp is like a group of 3 year olds

Submission + - AT&T seeks termination of plain old phone serv

linuxwrangler writes: In a filing (PDF) with the FCC, AT&T seeks to unburden itself of continued support of the public switch telephone network by recommending that, as it did with analog TV, the FCC also set a firm date to terminate POTS. In the document they recommend that "...perhaps the single most important feature of Commission action at this time is the establishment of a firm deadline at which point the transition will be complete..." They also claim that, "Phaseout of circuit-switched POTS service and the PSTN is essential to achieving universal access to broadband".

Submission + - 7 Inspirational Drag and Drop Web Applications (

An anonymous reader writes: Drag and drop is one of the most underused features on web applications. Although there are really cool libraries, we haven’t seen a lot of adoption on this front. Using drag and drop on a web application can make it user friendly. It gives users flexibility to easily place and sort objects which can be very difficult and sometimes ugly to accomplish with buttons or links. Here is a look at seven of the most creative drag and drop web applications.

Comment Re:People aren't robots (Score 1) 709

The key is that they stated they were missing deadlines and producing poor code. I don't claim to work a solid 8 hours every day, I probably do more like 6, but I make sure to meet all deadlines to the best of my ability. If that means sometimes working 5 days, 8 hours productive a week I do it (sometimes many more hours but may not be productive). My boss sees that I do this so when there are no deadlines he doesn't mind if I piss off work for a day here or a few hours there.

If work objectives are being met, fine. If they are not, management needs to step in and find a way to get the workers to get the job done. Not forcing solid work as that will fail, but finding a way to make them more productive by giving them some freedoms to control their own schedules and still get the job done.

Work ethic is a huge deal for me, it pisses me off watching people talk about hockey and not get the job done but if they are getting their jobs done, I am the first to jump into the conversation and have a little fun at work.

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