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Comment Yet another case for VPN tunnels (Score 2) 93

Hacked modem or not, assuming you actually use a respectable router (e.g. VyOS/Edgerouter), you can at least avoid main-in-the-middle attacks due to the fact that that packets will be encrypted by the time they ingress your modem on their way to the CMTS. That being said, it still won't stop the modem from becoming a zombie device itself. ISPs have a burden to resolve this as A) they and they alone lock down your device and manage it remotely via SNMP and B) their network is sending you the malicious unsolicited data from their network to yours.

Comment No private company should stick their neck out (Score 3, Interesting) 78

I think the NSA is doing what NSA needs to do. That being said, if they forcefully compel a company to allow backdoor into products, the government should be prepared accept all subsequent financial liability (that is, bail out the company) that would likely arise as a result of the would-be PR disaster. No private company should stick their neck out for the government.

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